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by Batya Jacobs

"I couldn't possibly understand then that Ruth was a true product of her upbringing. A Stamford Hill girl who had reached her ultimate role, her tachlis."

Captured Moments
by Devoiry Kutainer

This is a simple story full of love, devotion, chessed, human kindness — and a birthday [and the little hero's name just happens to be Davidå]. Also about good neighbors ("And the neighbors gave [the child] a name") Many of the very elements which we find connected to Shavuos.

"And the women said, `Blessed is Hashem Who has not left thee without a redeemer.' "

Don't Step on the Cracks
by A. Ross

He was on his way to work in the morning. First he made sure the lights were out, locked the front door, got into his car and drove for about ten minutes. Suddenly he turned the car and drove back home, because he thought he had forgotten to lock the front door. The door was locked, so he got back into the car and drove to work. However, he went back three more times to check on the door, before he actually arrived at his office. In the evening he would drive back to the office several times to make sure that he had switched the light off.

Love at First Sight?

by A. Ross, M.Ed

Ever since she was a little girl playing with dolls, Aviva had imagined herself as a Mommy with a real live baby. True to expectations, she grew up, got married and produced her first child. However, from the moment this squalling bundle was placed in her arms, not only was she not filled with the anticipated elation and ecstasy, but her feeling, incredibly, was one of revulsion.

An Unusual Shavuos
by Fruma Grossman

Several years ago, while still living on my own, I had decided to return to Canada for six months to share the care of my mother. My mother was in wonderful health but since she was just over 90 years old, she did require that someone be with her.

The Harp and Therapy
by Batya Jacobs

Inspired by Dovid who was the first healer when he played for Shaul Hamelech, research has shown that listening to harp playing helps alleviate pain, lowers blood pressure and lowers the pulse rate.

"Let my soul awaken with the song of the psaltery and the harp, and I will awaken the dawn."


Boaz's message to Ruth has become the all-time motto of the Bais Yaakov movement:

"My daughter, do not go to glean in other fieldså"

Felt Flowers in Clay Containers

by Devora Piha

For Shavuos, we have a two part project that imitates the delicate wispy spring mood of a bouquet of brilliant flowers and the hands-on tactile gratification of working the hands in clay.

Growing Older!
by Dr. Reuven Bruner, Ph.D.

The aging process is a natural part of living and is not something to deny, try to avoid or to be afraid of. However, taking some simple steps now, no matter what your age, can help to make the physical and mental changes that accompany aging easier to handle.

Your Medical Questions Answered!
by Joseph B. Leibman, MD

Our readers ask: Children are starting school earlier and earlier. Many are in day care and play groups at very tender ages. Are there any psychological effects from this?


Thoughts from a convert

Praise, Where Praise is Due
by Pennee Lauders

Time was we lived beyond these shores,
And certain friends we had, which
Craved, as we, to learn and switch
From being non-believers to
Full-fledged, observant Jews.

We waded, tandem, through the tomes
Of weekly-portioned text
And wondered what was next.
We mouth Hashem's praise in mother tongue
As fervent tones escaped the lung!

The `whats' were not so difficult
The `whys' much more so.
Our heads and hearts would burst to know.
Were daily blessings, less or more
Than murmured thanks? Could we adore?

So eager, we, to acquiesce;
We struggled, though one doubt
Was written all across the pout.
Why should Hashem in heaven need
To hear man's puny prayer or creed?

This is, of course, correct!
Hashem needs no such bribe from us
He is perfect and need not discuss
Concerns with common, human souls.

Was He in charge of filling bowls?
We wrangled with the simple words,
"For You sustain all flesh."
Were children fed in Bangladesh?
How could one justify this phrase
If, truth to tell, great hunger stays?

We looked into our doubting hearts,
And found the crack that rends.
Contented creatures always tend
To justify this main regret:
They hate to pay their debt!

Hashem provides enough for all.
But elder statesmen speculate,
And greed will often aggravate
The hunger of mankind.
So what's with us, who've dined?

The table here was set and laid
With biscuits and gourmet tureens,
With dressing and with salad greens,
This meal our hunger surely stilled!
Our tummies eagerly were filled!

A hundred or a thousand men
Cooperate to make a meal.
Imagine how this makes us feel,
That G-d sustains His children thus
And gives such luscious food to us.

Sincere concern's commendable,
But while all souls the great world o'er,
Are not required to thank Him for
The food they never ate —
Should we eatå and forget

What is Love?

by D.D.

Love —
That most sought after commodity.

Loving is giving,
And also receiving.
And caring,
To show your weaknesses,
Your innermost secrets,
Your vulnerable self.

Loving is listening,
And really letting what's said
Enter your head,
So that you can find
A common thread
That together will bind.

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