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Torah Knowledge and Other Knowledge

We are completely different since that Shavuos, having received the Torah. We would not want to imagine ourselves as we would be without the Torah, but in modern times there are all too many, and all too powerful, demonstrations of the depths to which man can sink all around us.

HaRav Wolbe's Attitude to Torah and to Torah Im Derech Eretz
by Yated Ne'eman Staff

In the wake of the recent correspondence in London's Jewish Tribune about HaRav Wolbe's view on Torah- im- Derech Eretz, the following extracts from his sefer Alei Shur (vol. I p. 295) are relevant. It should be noted that the issue here is the view of HaRav Wolbe in light of his background. (The translation is literal, and all bracketed notes are in the original unless otherwise indicated.)

A Purposeful Goal — For Life
by HaRav Chaim Pinchas Scheinberg

Part II

When HaKodosh Boruch Hu revealed Himself at Har Sinai in order to give Klal Yisroel the Torah, thousands upon thousands of mal'ochim accompanied Him. They were arrayed under banners. Eventually Klal Yisroel also was organized under banners. These banners signify the identity and task that each tribe and each individual has in life.

The Secret of Nishma: Preparing Ourselves for Shavuos
based on a shiur from HaRav Dovid Cohen

A Clean Slate

"Ezra established that the curses of Ki Sovo should be read before Rosh Hashonoh and those of Bechukosai before Shavuos" (Megilla). We can understand why we read Ki Sovo prior to Rosh Hashonoh: so that the klolos of the year should come to an end and not follow us into the new one. But why do we need to mention these curses before Shavuos?

There is No People of Israel Without the Torah of Israel
by HaRav Ephraim Oshry, zt"l

This is a letter written by HaRav Oshry, zt"l, to his son about a droshoh that he gave on Shavuos.

Black Fire on White Fire: Thoughts about Torah for Shavuos
by Yaacov Mordechai Polskin

Quoth the Raven

In Shir Hashirim there's an allegorical passage: "Kevutzosov taltalim shechoros ke'orev. His locks are curls, dark as a raven (5:11)."

Politica: The Blight of Non-Jewish Immigration
By E. Rauchberger

Following a spate of serious acts of crime and violence in recent weeks Haifa Police Commander Nir Mariash remarked that immigrants are responsible for a disproportionately high percent of crime, "and therefore we have to take a careful look at who comes to Israel and how he is absorbed."

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