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Judging Favorably
based on a true story

by Raizel Foner

The days before Succos were some of his favorite days in the year. As he walked down the busy streets, enjoying the perfect-for-Succos weather, he smiled at the sight of the makeshift booths that had sprung up selling pictures of rabbonim and sparkling Succa decorations, and at the festive music blaring from tape recorders.

Handling Teasing
by Masha Wolf
Child therapist, counseling, play groups

Part II

Many children become victims of serious teasing at one time or another during their childhood. Some children are affected more deeply by teasing than others and often, as a result of their sensitivities, they may be more prone to become scapegoats. In Part I we discussed Speaking to the Teacher and Building Self Esteem.

First of the Year

by Ruth Lewis

So they came, with all the chevra -- their strollers scattered helter-skelter through our living room. (I kept discreetly wheeling them out to the porch, but they were soon back, blocking traffic once again).

Divine Providence
by Shira Shatzberg

Penina Markowitz opened her eyes and blinked. The room seemed very dark; it couldn't be morning yet. What time was it, anyway? Penina glanced at her watch but couldn't see a thing in the darkness. What had wakened her in the first place? Just then, she realized that the phone was ringing.

How to Love Your Kids Without Spoiling Them

by Menucha Fuchs
Parenting expert, writer of adult and children's books, fiction and non-fiction, guidance counselor

Most adults who are insecure and need constant support are people who were spoiled as children. Spoiled kids grow up to be adults with weak characters. This is a necessary cause-and- effect. Spoiled children start out as spoiled babies who are indulged by everyone in the house. From Day One, the baby is used to getting everything he could possibly want.

Your Medical Questions Answered!
by Joseph B. Leibman, MD

We now conclude our series on pediatrics with another topic that I feel very strongly about.

It is a familiar scenario -- a woman is just after birth and not feeling too well. She has many children at home and the prospect of a crying child demanding to be fed at odd hours is not the most attractive at this time. The pain of nursing and the inconvenience are depressing. At the same moment, a package arrives with many goodies as well as a sample of Materna or one of the other formulas. Many mothers at this point abandon the idea of nursing.

Poet's Corner


by Esther Ziens

A soul departs and in its wake
The congregation gathers.
With solemn sadness, leave we take,
Reflecting on our somber stake
In other-worldly matters.

While filing past the rows of graves,
We reach our destination,
These final songs, the silent staves
Of quiet girls and muted knaves
Bring us to contemplation.

Their resting place is mine as well?
This thought I would deny!
An obscure, hidden grave won't tell
The masses passing by -- who fell,
Should I, forgotten, lie.

And yet, the truth that I shall die,
Must one day be addressed.
Let my small grave be dignified:
May my repentance nullify
The sins which I've confessed.

Be honest! What's the difference
In graveyards, great or small?
While claiming faith or diffidence
Men suffer fatal incidents.
The earth accepts them all.

While visiting THEIR tombs to pray,
Near kindling, waxen embers.
My thoughts from my petitions stray...
Rambam...! Akiva...! Ba'al Haness...!
THUS to be remembered!


Dear Yated, I like your poems so much that I decided to write one too and send it to you.

C. Zahn, 15 years old.

Dear Chani/ Chaya/ Chevy/ Chassy/ Chumy,

We liked your poem so much that we decided to print it. Waiting for the next... (If you haven't run out of rhymes.)

Elul... Tishrei... CHESHBON

A time for deep introspection,
And thoughtful reflection,
Examine each deed without exception,
Each one undergoes a rigorous examination,
Until mended to perfection.

Every man has his own cleaning lotion,
To correct a sin, an abomination,
We always try to amend a transgression,
Which gives us a stronger spiritual connection.
We try to increase our mitzva collection,
In order to compound our heavenly protection.

To have Heavenly assist in every situation,
We pray with great concentration.
Also in order to know the best suited action,
And most appropriate reaction,

A universal goal -- a healthy people interaction,

To feel for and appreciate every creation.
We know and feel that we are on probation,
We, our neighbor, and the entire nation,
Therefore we need everyone's cooperation,
To extend tshuva to another month's duration. . .
Only GOOD words spoken in daily conversation.

Many more projects in addition,
But often there is opposition,
Our evil agent is in good position
He offers us a winning proposition
To prevent us from fulfilling our mission,
"You've worked very hard -- go on vacation,"
Or another original, glorifying petition.

But we must remember the heavenly administration,
And what is the right direction,
To forward our efforts and emotion.
Elul's past, Tishrei's gone, each a spiritual station,
And once over, we still taste the heavenly elation
Yet we wonder if we've lived up to Hashem's expectation?
Will we have the merit of Hashem's permission
To reach next year's time of inner inspection?

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