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How to Defeat Terror

In the six weeks that have passed since the spectacular terrorist attack on America, fear has gripped the citizens of the world's only superpower. People go about their business but they are cutting down on their discretionary activities.

How Should We React to Current Events?
by Nosson Zeev Grossman

Since the terror attacks on Washington and New York and the ensuing international tension, the whole world is in dread of what may happen to the entire world in the near future. The American regime has already acted on its "declaration of war" with everything this entails. Wars, by their very nature, are events with a clear beginning, but nobody can foresee how events will unfold and how much carnage will take place.

The Entire Maseches Brochos in Two Hours!
by R' Zvi Yabrov

Forty-eight years have passed since the demise of the father and teacher of all Jewry, Maran the Chazon Ish ztvk'l on 15 Marcheshvon. He put his stamp upon every facet of Torah, and his lasting impression is present in every aspect of life. Countless stories are told, and will yet reverberate for generations to come, about his incredible toil in Torah, his assiduous and pure yiras Shomayim, the depth of his noble character traits and the scope of his intellect and wisdom of heart.

In Face of the Danger -- A Perspective on Emunah
by HaRav Abba Grossbard zt"l, Menahel Ruchani, Yeshivas Lomza -- Ponevezh

The following talk was delivered in Yeshivas Lomza, Petach Tikva, during the Second World War, in the midst of the battle at El Alamein, in Egypt. Its relevance to these times makes it a fitting subject, particularly now.

Ze'evi had Close Links to Religion

by E. Rauchberger

Although the late Tourism Minister, Rechavam Ze'evi Hy"d who lost his life last week at the hands of Palestinian terrorists was the head of a non-religious party and he himself was not a practicing Jew, anyone who was in contact with him knew that Ze'evi was a warm Jew with a connection to Judaism. He put on tefillin every morning for many years, and even participated in Torah and gemora shiurim many times.

More Enlightenment about Light

To the Editor:

Further to the article "Enlightenment about Light" (2 Cheshvan), 20 years ago Australian creationists caused a furor when they showed that measurements of the speed of light going back hundreds of years gave consistently and invariably higher values, and that this was not due to observational error or limitations of equipment, but indicated a real decline of precipitous proportions; at the instant of creation it may even have been infinite!

Sweden and Bris Mila

To The Editor:

You note that the deputy director of Sweden's National Board of Health and Welfare admits that the injuries leading to Sweden's restrictions on circumcision were the result mainly of Islamic circumcision (on teenage boys) -- yet the law applies equally to Jewish circumcision on babies, where problems are extremely rare.

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