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6 Teves 5764 - December 31, 2003 | Mordecai Plaut, director Published Weekly









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Mass Aliyah to Israel is Obsolete

As we noted last week, the only long-term solution to the demographic threat that faces Israel is children and more children. Chazal said, "If there are no young kids, there are no adult goats" (Yerushalmi Sanhedrin 10:2). If we want to have people in the future to perpetuate the Jewish people and the Jewish mission in the world, we must have children now.

On the Kollelim and Their Survival
by Rabbi N. Z. Grossman

Hard Times

A number of articles have already appeared in these columns about the present government's use of selective cutbacks in welfare payments and other governmental allocations to strike at the Torah community in general and the kollelim in particular. Many in the secular world hope that the severe financial hardship thus fostered will, "draw avreichim out [i.e. of kollel] into the workforce."

Hastening Redemption: The Mitzvah of Shenayim Mikro Ve'echod Targum
by Rabbi Daniel Yaakov Travis

Eagerly Awaiting

The Chofetz Chaim lived his life eagerly awaiting the final redemption. This event was such a reality in his life that he owned a special suit of clothing set aside for that auspicious day. Any day when he would hear a commotion, he would excitedly inquire, "Has Moshiach come?"

The Russians are Coming!
An interview with R' Yigal Yehudi

Perhaps we should begin with the subject of the Law of Return which is, actually, the very core of the problem, but no one is prepared to grapple with it.

Sharon's Big Mistake

by E. Rauchberger

Based on this past year's experience since the coalition was set up, to find out what Sharon is thinking and what he will do in the future, one should keep abreast of remarks made by Shinui Chairman Tommy Lapid. What he says, Sharon does a few weeks or months later.

End of the Quiet Bomb
by Aryeh Zissman

News Analysis

GSS head Avi Dichter referred to the apparent quiet during the last two and a half months as a "quiet bomb" in a speech he gave in Herzliya just two weeks ago. A seeming quiet, filled with alerts and thwarted attacks that miraculously did not result in injury and death. And last week that quiet officially ended and we were left with the bomb.

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