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Restoring the Crown
by Perach Mosseson

Covering -- or recovering -- the hair, that is the question

You Get What You Are Meant to Have
a true story by C. Ofek

Leah went downstairs to her neighbor, Varda Rabinowitz, bearing a fresh apple cake, knowing that Mazel Tov wishes are always enhanced by a home-made offering. She heard muffled sounds of moving furniture, and in the backgorund, the mewling of a newborn baby.

The Argument

by Yisca Shimony

Mrs. Eichenbaum was extremely busy. As usual, the farm chores fully occupied her time. Every morning before sunrise, she was up and attending to the milking of the cows, collecting eggs and tending the vegetable garden. These chores busied her early morning hours, after which she went to supervise the kitchen work and the cleaning.

On Duty
a true story by M. Weinman

Part II

Synopsis: The writer has become involved in setting up shifts of visitors for Sara Katz (wife of a Kohen), hospitalized after surgery. Things go wrong and things go right...

Coming to Your Senses
by Rosally Saltsman

Rosally has spring fever. Hope it's infectious...

Keep Smiling

Short inspirational pieces by Avrohom Tzvi Schwartz, Kiryat Sefer, author of A Handful of Light, Hearts on Fire and other works on Mussar and Hashkofa.

Latchkey Kids
by A. Ross

If you can show the child that you rely on him, he will develop reliability. If you feel the child is not to be trusted, then don't attempt it in the first place.


An open letter sent by BEGED YAD LEYAD to fifty seminaries/yeshivos of students from abroad. This also applies to families leaving Eretz Yisroel. Or to anyone wishing to donate stuff: carriages, toys, housewares etc.


Inside Out

by Sara Gutfreund

On the outside, I take my sheitel off
Inside, I know I am taking a stand:
Who is for Hashem, follow me!
Inside, the honor of the daughter of the King blossoms
On the outside, the caterpillar spins her cocoon
Inside, a butterfly begins to grow
On the outside, I speak of time
Inside, I dream of redemption
Inside out, outside in

There is a princess who takes her mirror
And gives it to the One Who creates all beauty
He hands her back a reflection of herself
And now she sees that the inside and the outside
Are one

Bird Talk

by Tzipora Zien

I hear them: they're trilling! They're tweeting and squawking!
I wish I could tell on which subject they're talking.
I can hardly spot them, though try as I might,
They rapidly flit and escape out of sight.
I hear the dull pigeons, which gurgle and coo.
They plod along pompously, spreading their goo.
The swallows, delighted with prey in the air,
Are zooming and screeching with pleasure to spare.
The twittering sparrows will always abound
Looking for tidbits in trees or on ground.
But someone is warbling there, out in the tree
As if there were news which might interest me.
The melody changes each measure or so,
From gorgeous cascading on "Fa mi re do!'
To chirping a challenge for all to defy,
"No mortal can praise Hashem better than I!"

How come so boisterous? What's all the fuss?
Why should Hashem bless the birds more than us?

Was ever a sunrise too dull to inspire
This chorus with pure, avid, avian fire?
Perhaps that's their secret! They praise right on cue
Without finding fault over dawn's breaking hue.
While man with such praising is bound to delay,
For smog and humidity blemish the day.
Until he's quite pleased with the weather report
He'll wait, or produce some ill-fitting retort.

Thank Heaven, the birds have been granted free rein
To sing and to warble in sun and in rain.
Let's learn from these fine-feathered friends at our door.
But we usually beg for a little bit more.
We'd like to improve our terrestrial lot,
But thanks, in the past, we just simply forgot!
How good is our Maker! He gives without stop.
Shall we beg without end till the moment we drop?

Let's try to remember our "Thanks" to extend
And in praising His goodness, our efforts expend.

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