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by A. Ross, M.Ed.

How is a parent to deal with her daughter who is so anxious to be the leader's friend and be a part of the inner clique, yet gets snubbed day after day? Or even worse, gets bullied verbally?

Cost Cutting Tips for Weddings
Part III: Outfitting Women and Teens

by Yonina Hall


For women and girls over the age of 14, the price differential between buying and sewing narrows significantly. Whether you're looking for something reasonably priced or expensive, it's worthwhile to compare prices between stores and seamstresses.

The Feat of Walking

by R' Zvi Zobin

Part II

At 2 years, the bones of the foot are developing but there are still large gaps between the bones.

A Moving Experience
by Raizel Foner

And whenever the pillar of cloud lifted itself, the generation of the desert knew it was time to fold up its tents, gather up its belongings and move onward. The Wandering Jew, forever picking up and moving, until all the corners of the world will have been inhabited by them. In this shrinking globe, we pray that this happens soon and Moshiach will come speedily.

The Late Bloomer
a story by Sudy Rosengarten

Part I

Everyone knew that Naomi was a fiery "Zionist," but for her to actually pick up and move to Israel with nine children... for that you didn't have to be a "Zionist;" for that you had to be crazy!

Your Medical Questions Answered!
by Joseph B. Leibman, MD

Time to answer some letters. I received a letter from a Mrs. W concerning standards for cholesterol and dealing with diet/medications/and exercise for both high cholesterol and obesity.

Most Israeli Salt is Not Mevushal

To The Editor:

In our sefer Orchos Shabbos (I:49) we wrote that the fine salt sold in Israel commonly called "table salt" is mevushal. We recently found out that this is not true, and that we were falsely led to this conclusion by one of the workers at the salt factory in Atlit.


In the Forest
by Ruth Fogelman

The four of us
Enter the forest
In search of the Tree of Life

On every side, the high trees
Whisper their song
In the morning breeze.
On one of the tall branches
An eagle flaps it massive wings.

Gila looks up Stunned by its beauty,
She recalls how this king of birds
Shelters its young
With its nurturing wings,
And how
The Children of Israel
Return to their Land
On eagles' wings.

Transfixed, she notices not
That we leave her

As we move forward
Through the forest.

Rina stops to gaze
At a daisy.
Enthralled by its thin white petals,
And by the delicacy of its wholeness.
She crouches, in holy conversation
With G-d's creation.

Transfixed, she notices not
That we leave her

As we move forward
Through the forest.

We pause at a pond in a clearing,
Ditza looks down in its waters.
Beside her reflection she imagines a cherub.
Awed by its purity,
Like the two cherubs above the Holy Ark
Reflecting the love
Between the Children of Israel
And their Creator,
She recalls how the Divine Voice spoke
From between those two cherubs
Above the broken Tablets.

Transfixed, she notices not
That I leave her

As I move forward alone
Through the forest
On my search for the Tree of Life.

And I understand:
To each her own journey
Back to the imprint of her soul.

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