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A Menu for Self Improvement
by Bayla Gimmel

If we want to do an honest Elul inventory, we must acknowledge and recognize our strong points and start with those. That will give us the confidence we need to go on to evaluate the things that need improvement.

The Perfectionist
by A. Ross, M.Ed.

When parents and teachers realize they have a perfectionist in their care, they have to channel this trait and teach their charge how to discipline it. He has the potential to be a wonderful individual, which, of course, he does not realize until he is older. First and foremost, a child must conquer any feelings of disdain he might feel for `lesse' mortals.

"Yes, You Can! A Guide to Success in Life"

by Aron Friedman, Artscroll Publ.
reviewed by Rosally Saltsman

One of my favorite aphorims is "There's no such thing as `can't.' " I say this to my son all the time. Classes in positive thinking have been `in' for years, even though many of their precepts date back to the Sages of the Talmud.

Annette's Cart
by Ruth Fogelman

Annette gets on the bus at the Machane Yehuda market and plonks herself on the seat next to me.

"There's room here for a shopping cart, too."

Quadruple Blessing
by Esther Weil

Part III

In spite of dire warnings, and with the blessings of two gedolim and the reassurance of two doctors, I carried through a pregnancy of quadruplets and gave birth to four healthy boys whose bris took place on the same day.

The Business Secret

Translated from the Hebrew Shomrei Hagachelet by author Yisca Shimony

The Jerusalem Jews of the last century extended the life of their clothing by dyeing, which meant a very important saving for the impoverished community.

Money, Money, Money

If you're not meticulous with money matters, you may find yourself on the other side of the law. empty-handed, groping for merits. If you're not up to par, how can you expect your children to do better?

Your Medical Questions Answered!
by Joseph B. Leibman, MD

Treating Pain

Pain comes in many different forms, and as such, the treatment tends to be different in each one. Kidney stones, for example, cause intense pain. This and menstrual pain respond well to NSAIDs such as ibuprofen. Aspirin remains the mainstay in most arthritis. In pancreatitis, morphine is a good drug.


Guess Who! -- The Soton's Lament
by Ziporah Zien

Though acutely aware of my faults,
Admonition I deftly avoid.
I hide all my failings away in a vault,
The key is soon lost after once it's employed,
And every misgiving which complicates living
Is quickly forgotten. I can't be annoyed.

The consensus is one of dismay,
And its impact is reason to sigh
This phenomenon knows no good cause for delay,
And the board has been moved such a deed to decry.
This cognizant member would wait till September.
Resistance: A given! I hate to comply.

Perhaps you have seen through my guise.
Admonish this fool, if you please.
Intolerable as my deeds are -- "Surprise!"
I'm simply the yetzer who conquers with ease
Your good inclination. A cause for frustration?
Regarding tshuva, I'm hard to appease.

So whip out those barbs and sharp gibes,
As foes to the finish we'll fend.
I'll conquer that pampered one as he imbibes
In pretense and boasting, and gossiping friends.
He hasn't the strength to withstand me, at length,
For to fall prey in weakness, he tends.

But zealots will never be beat,
They push themselves on to endure.
They plant themselves firmly and safe on a seat,
Thus bent on their learning, they'll stay there for sure,
Day in and day out, with nary a pout,
Till by Tishrei I've lost my allure.

Back to school, or
The Mo(u)rning Rush

by Ruth Lewis

The Morning Rush.
Kitchen's strewn with school-bags, lunch bags,
Canteens to be filled.
Table's strewn with breads and spreads and
Plastic sandwich bags.

Faigy wants white bread and cheese,
Nechamy only dark.
Mindy wants her cheese with olives.
Refaele won't eat olives...

Amid the hustle-bustle,
A small tugging, hardly noticed, at my elbow.
I look down.
"Yes, Refaele? What's the matter?"

"Why aren't you crying, Mommy?"

"Wh... What?"

"Why aren't you crying?"

"What on earth?"

"The Rebbe said we have to cry...
The Beis Hamikdosh is destroyed!"

Oh. Now I understand.
He's suddenly remembered
The last week's class
Before bein hazmanim.

"But Tisha B'Av was Thursday, Refaele,
Two weeks ago.
[and on Thursday, I did cry?]
Today is Sunday.
We don't have to cry today."

"The Beis Hamikdosh is destryoed,"
he says again, his small face solemn, sad.
He hasn't understood...

Before I can explain,
My other elbow's tugged.
Nechamy, urgent.
"Mommy, where's my shoe?"

The Rush goes on...

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