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Sharon: Diplomacy Suspended
by Yated Ne'eman Staff

Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon said that the road map for Palestinian statehood will not move ahead until the Palestinians carry out their pledge to dismantle terrorist groups. The message at the weekly Cabinet meeting on Sunday was reinforced by Foreign Minister Silvan Shalom, who said the peace process was on hold and the current security situation in Palestinian areas had become "virtually intolerable."

Bombs in Rosh HaAyin and Ariel
by Yated Ne'eman Staff

Suicidal attackers rocked Rosh HaAyin, Ariel and all of Israel as they murdered two and wounded at least 12 in the first such attacks in the last six weeks. A terrorist in a small shopping mall in Rosh HaAyin set off explosives strapped to his body, murdering one and injuring at least 10 others.

Rabbonim Issue Warnings Against "Birthright"
by G. Safran

Led by Maran HaRav Yosef Sholom Eliashiv, shlita, maranan verabonon have stated their opposition to an organization that arranges trips to Eretz Yisroel for groups of chareidi youths from the U.S.

Founding Conference for Cohanim Union
by Betzalel Kahn

A conference was held last week to mark the founding of Taharas Cohanim -- The Union of Cohanim in Eretz Hakodesh and the Diaspora.

Bank Accounts Will Not Be Blocked Automatically on August 17
by M Plaut

The Bank of Israel said that it will not automatically block any account whose holders have not filled out a beneficiaries declaration by the deadline of August 17. The Bank is authorized to do so, but it will not.

MK Rabbi Eichler Says Israeli Civil Service Barred to Chareidim
by Eliezer Rauchberger

"The public sector in this country is totally barred to chareidi workers; various unusual requirements are imposed to prevent their entry," said MK Rabbi Yisroel Eichler, presenting the Knesset plenum with a proposal to redress the issue.

Finance Committee to Investigate Discrimination Against Chareidi Institutions
by Eliezer Rauchberger

Finance Committee Chairman MK Avraham Hirschson (Likud) complied with a request last week by MK Meshulam Nahari (Shas) to investigate whether the Treasury follows a practice of approving the transfer of two-thirds of surplus funds only in budgeting for chareidi institutions while approving 100 percent of surplus funds in other cases.

Always Buckle Up
by Yated Ne'eman Staff

The car was racing down a country road at well over 100 mph. A policeman had been chasing it, but he had long given up. When the young passengers saw the "T" in the road ahead, they knew there was no way the driver could avoid a crash.

Taxi Drivers' Obligations
by Betzalel Kahn

Taxi drivers have the following obligations toward passengers:

- Taxi drivers may not smoke while passengers are in the car.

- Taxi drivers must drive a passenger and his load to whatever destination the passenger requests.

Degel HaTorah Plans for Local Elections
by A. Cohen

The Degel HaTorah secretariat held a special meeting at the Degel HaTorah Building in Bnei Brak to discuss the movement's preparations for the local authorities' elections, including candidate lists that must be submitted by the 27th of Elul. All of the members of the secretariat participated in the meeting due to the importance of the matter, as municipal elections approach.

Europe Suffers a Hot Summer
by Yated Ne'eman Staff

A heat wave and a devastating drought that has been going on for the last three months continued in Europe. France reported its highest temperatures since 1949. There were also reports throughout Europe of deaths attributable to the heat. England suffered its hottest day ever on Monday, recording 38.1C (100.22F) at Heathrow Airport.

Testing on the Laws of Loshon Hora in Israel
by Zehava Perlman

A unique project to spread the study of the laws of loshon hora has been operating for the past seven years. The project includes a program of tests on the laws of loshon hora, and is organized for grades 7-10 in all the schools for girls in Bnei Brak, Ashdod, Rechovot, Zichron Yaakov, Hadera and in a large seminary in Yerushalayim.

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