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The Dibbuk -- Desert Madness
by Yisca Shimony

Part I

The early years of 5700...

The Shimony's home was in great turmoil. A letter had arrived announcing the upcoming visit of Uncle Levi. Preparation for his arrival began immediately and much cleaning and scrubbing took place.

The Long and the Short of It
by Kaila Cohen

They are tiny children, huge children, fat ones and thin ones. There are also those who are different from the norm in some other way. How does a child who is almost a midget or one who is head and shoulders taller than his classmates cope with the inevitable banter or teasing?

Man or Machine?
a story by Shira Shatzberg

Part II

Synopsis: "You'll be a man, someday, my son, a real mensch," Dovid's mother used to say to her orphan son. Already married, holding down a part-time job but otherwise maintaining a full learning schedule, Dovid feels mature and adult. But with his mother not around any more, he is not sure if, according to her criteria, he has already made the grade.

Lifting Up the Great
by Carol Ungar

In our city, the rebbetzin is the star. Every day, dozens of women attend her workshops and many more seek her advice. Though she has no official title, she's the master of her field -- teaching mothers how to raise their children to follow the spiritual path of Judaism. The daughter of one sage and the wife of another, she's raised a large brood of her own. When she speaks, she's listened to.

Liquid Assets
by Bayla Gimmel

Teenagers, our most important liquid assets.

"If the parent is always too busy to listen to a teen, a very valuable opportunity can be lost forever."

Children's Writing
by A. Ross, M.Ed.

Why do some children tire easily after writing?

Pa's Story
The Toronto Years -- and Back to Poland...

by Sudy Rosengarten

Synopsis: Ma and Pa have made peace with the fact that they are in Toronto to stay, but hold on fiercely to Alte Heim dress, lifestyle and strict Halachic observance. They finally capitulate as far as allowing their children to attend public school, as there is no alternative and no proper Jewish education.

Your Medical Questions Answered!
by Joseph B. Leibman, MD

Pain. The most effective medical treatments for pain remain narcotics. These drugs share common properties: they all may cause stomach upset, they all may cause constipation, they all have -- for the most part -- short half-lives, they all can be reversed with the same antidote, they all can be addictive. But there is still a wide variety in their effects and usefulness.

Health Capsules
by Dr. Reuven Bruner, Ph.D.

* Pasta is usually free of cholesterol -- except egg noodles, which are made with egg yolks and contain 55 milligrams of cholesterol per cup. That's 18 percent of the 300 milligrams daily limit recommended by the AMA.

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