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Recognizing the Challenges of the Modern World to Torah Life

Most Torah Jews who speak English today face serious challenges that many are not even aware of. While our freedom to practice the Torah is effectively unfettered, many of our basic beliefs, attitudes and values are under ferocious assault in the world around us.

The Effort Factor: Its Crucial Importance In Fulfilling Mitzvos
by Rav Yehoshua Sklar

I came across an exceptional passage in the commentary Nimukei Yoseif on the Rif's Hilchos Sefer Torah (which is also quoted by the Taz at the beginning of Hilchos Sefer Torah in Yoreh Dei'ah siman 270): "Rabbi Yehoshua bar Abba said in the name of Rav Gidal [who was] speaking in Rav's name, `A person who buys a sefer Torah in the market is like someone who grabs a mitzvah in the marketplace.

Guidelines for Interpersonal Communication
by Chaim Walder

1. How do you create proper, positive communication between people?

When you respect both yourself and the person with whom you are sharing a conversation. When you speak without being arrogant. When you are open enough and do not try to whitewash your remarks or get carried away. When you are reasonable and considerate while maintaining a dignified, steady tone and never grovel or evade.

With the Blood of his Heart
by HaGaon R' Yechezkel Abramsky, zt'l

Twenty-six years have passed since the demise of Maran HaGaon R' Yechezkel Abramsky zt'l (Elul, 5736). Aside from the greatness of his genius, which finds expression in his work, Chazon Yechezkel, his finger was always poised on the pulse of his people. His concern for the public welfare was also evident in the numerous messages of hashkofoh which he wrote for various periodical publications.

A Plea for Kehillos

To The Editor:

Thank you for your recent article commemorating and eulogizing Rabbi N. Bulman, zt"l. Amongst Rabbi Bulman's notable achievements was the founding of an orthodox kehillah in Migdal Ho'emek and that would account for the fact that HaGaon Rav Shamshon Refoel Hirsch, zt"l, was twice mentioned in your esteemed article.

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