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by A. Ross, M.A. in Speech

There are people who advise parents against raising their children bilingually. They argue that the child may become confused or that his intelligence or reasoning may be affected in some way, or his speech impaired by stammering, and above all, they warn that the child may end up not speaking any language properly. They believe that this last possibility can easily be proven by pointing at `irregularities' present in the bilingual child's (or adult's) speech.

Book Review: Besufa Ubesa'aro
by Yated Ne'eman Staff

Upon the 80th yahrtzeit of the Alter of Novardok, HaRav Yosef Yozel Horowitz zt"l, an outstanding work, Besufa Ubesa'aro (In a Tempest and a Storm), which sheds light on his greatness and on the movement he founded, has appeared in print.

Delicate Bubbles
by Rifca Goldberg, Tsefas

Building Your Child - Part II

by Masha Wolf

There are many other ways to build up a child by paying attention to his strengths. Keeping a written journal of a child's good deeds is a great way to encourage him. If you or your child feel he has done somtehing praiseworthy, record it in his journal. An older child can help you with the task of writing.

Do It Yourself With Yosef Krinsky

One of the most important areas of one's home is the roof. It is often neglected until the rainy season: then the trouble begins.

A properly maintained roof will be empty except for solar panels in good working order. Leaky, old and broken tanks not in use, glass shards, old plumbing fixtures and piles of guano are signs of neglect.

The Curtains Part...

The lights dim... the musical ensemble strikes a lilting melody... the curtains part... and another N'shei Ramot play begins, to the rousing applause of its loyal audience. Twelve years have passed since the English speaking women of Ramot put on their first comedy performance. Every two years since then, the Yerusholyaim community has been treated to a professionally produced, precisely orchestrated performance that entertains, inspires, amuses -- and recharges the `batteries' of the hundreds of women who attend.

Your Medical Questions Answered!
by Joseph B. Leibman, MD
Diplomate, Board Certification of Emergency Medicine
Chairman, Department of Emergency Medicine Ma'ayenei Hayeshua Hospital

Perhaps you will decide not to read this column since it concerns a respiratory disease that may not affect you. But this disease, asthma, is not just a disease of young people. Many elderly people suffer from this disease which develops only when they became older.

An Apple a Day

by Rivka Tal

I had a delicious experience on a recent visit to the States. No, I am not referring to my mother's tasty home cooking nor to any restaurant. Note: it was an apple! A juicy red Courtland apple! By the way, this experience took place in Minneapolis, also known as Minneapple. The Courtland is not available in Israel, so it was a special treat.

Poet's Corner
I am sure you will agree that A. Reader has proven her own skills and graduated to a new pseudonym.
(Now, more than ever, she wishes to remain anonymous. Even her own children don't know for sure.)

Too Good To Miss
by Leah Gellis, English Rendition, A. Poet

"Special Offer" screams the advert
Mr. Shopper, who's an expert
Hurries to the shops at once
On this bargain he must pounce.
The offer last month on the shelf
Abundantly repaid itself
With each pack of sugar came
A new cassette -- he was aflame.
He now owns tapes, enough and more
To open a department store
They fill his every vacant space
He'll have to find another place.
Six dozen towels were a good buy
His linen shelves are piled up high.
For every dozen towels you got
Some ladders, so he bought a lot.
His family was filled with glee,
A set of ladders, quite, quite free.
The special offers never fail
To find Mr. Shopper on their trail.
Last week's offer was supreme,
Bedding -- it was just a dream
All you had to do was add
Ten shekalim, then you had
A backpack (not the newest style).
Boasts our hero with a smile
Even baby Dan, you see,
Was a new schoolbag `donnee.'
Now where to put this special gift
Earned through days and weeks of thrift?
Yes, you've guessed it, in the boidem,
Or some place where you can avoid them.
Push the things in, shut the door,
Nothing's simpler, now buy more.
A bargain is too good to miss,
And it gives you hours of bliss.
Next there was a tasty snack,
An agora off on each pack,
And what great gift did you get?
A set of cards, a whole free set.
Hurry up and buy it soon,
The offer ends next week at noon.
The series then will all be yours,
We'll find some room in all the drawers.
Fantastic bargains, every size,
Hear Mr. S. philosophize:
"Even if it's useless now,
Of all the bargains I have found,
See my house... just look around. Crying dollies, six in all,
Inflatable cushions, large and small.
Talking scales, they shout your weight,
Ponytail holders for the girls,
Hairbands to contain their curls,
Our five boys don't need those things,
Let's see what the next offer brings."
Chocolate eclipsed them all,
You could get a real windfall,
Two hundred wrappers, maybe three
Gave a really great freebee,
That is, if you won the draw
For a flight to Singapore
Free dental treatment (not x-ray)
Was the runner up bouquet.
Mr. Shopper's full of praise,
For manufacturers who think of ways
To benefit the human race
And do it with such kindly grace.
If white elephants aren't your scene,
Wrap them up in polyethylene,
Hire a van and pass them on,
Please someone else, sine qua non.

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