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14 Iyar 5764 - May 5, 2004 | Mordecai Plaut, director Published Weekly









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Sharon: Soon I'll Propose a New Plan
by M Plaut and Yated Ne'eman Staff

Prime Minister Ariel Sharon is interpreting Likud voters' rejection of his "disengagement plan" as a rejection of the details of his plan and not as a decision about the overall concept. Thus his main response to the Likud party vote will apparently be to scale down the proposal.

Poraz: "No Local Authority Tried to Enforce Chometz Law"
By Eliezer Rauchberger

Not a single local authority contacted the Interior Minister with a request to authorize its inspectors to enforce the Chometz Law, Interior Minister Avraham Poraz claimed in a letter he sent to Attorney General Mani Mazuz after MK Rabbi Moshe Gafni told him Poraz did not uphold the Chometz Law.

The Ninth Annual Agudas Yisroel Convention in Europe
by Yated Ne'eman Staff

The eagerly awaited Ninth Annual Convention of European Agudas Yisroel took place last weekend at the Normandie Hotel, in the resort town of Bournemouth. Aguda members from across Great Britain and various European countries including Switzerland, Belgium, Austria, Holland and France met for four days to discuss issues affecting Torah Jewry in Europe and Eretz Yisroel and to be inspired by the rabbonim who attended.

Survivors From Western Europe, Hungary May Now Be Eligible for Claims Conference Pensions
by Yated Ne'eman Staff

Jewish victims of Nazi persecution from certain Western European countries and from Hungary may now be eligible to receive monthly compensation payments from the Article 2 Fund of the Conference on Jewish Material Claims Against Germany (Claims Conference). It is estimated that up to an additional 4,000 Holocaust survivors may benefit.

HaRav Eliashiv Instructs Seminary Directors to Comply with Rabbinical Committee Directives
by Yated Ne'eman Staff

Seminary directors met in the home of Maran HaRav Yosef Sholom Eliashiv, shlita, to address a number of problems and offer solutions regarding the issue of enrollment for the next school year.

Investigation Underway to Evaluate Certain Sheitels
by Yated Ne'eman Staff

Gedolei hador are currently evaluating whether sheitels made from natural hair imported from certain countries are permitted or whether they are prohibited because of the source of the hair and the stages it undergoes before reaching the wig manufacturers, which could involve avodoh zorah, R"l. If so they would be forbidden because a Jew may not derive any benefit from avodoh zorah.

Problems with Tel Aviv Chevra Kadisha
By A. Cohen

The management of chevra kadisha of Tel Aviv-Jaffa and the surrounding area will be forced to stop burying the dead in the Gush Dan area this week if a court order goes into effect, warned Tel Aviv Chevra Kadisha Director Attorney Mr. Ze'ev Rosenberg in alarming letters sent to the Prime Minister, Interior Minister, Religious Affairs Minister (I thought there no such thing), Health Minister, Attorney General, several mayors and hospital directors in the Gush Dan area.

Conference of Daf Hayomi Maggidei Shiur
by A. Cohen

Hundreds of maggidei shiur participated in a tremendous conference in honor of the Torah, led by the geonim HaRav Aharon Leib Steinman, HaRav Chaim Kanievsky, HaRav Gershon Edelstein, the Belzer, Sadigura and Nadvorna Rebbes and roshei yeshivos.

HaRav Shmuel Kivilevitz, zt"l
by Betzalel Kahn

HaRav Shmuel Halevy Kivilevitz, zt"l one of the conveyors of the traditions from the previous generation, passed away in Jerusalem last week on 6 Iyar at the age of 91.

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