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Is the Grass Always Greener?
by R. Chadshai

Pirkei Ovos says it best: Who is rich? One who is happy with his lot!

A Lag B'Omer story adapted from Massa Shel Ish Echad
by Yehudit Freund

Noach was the antithesis of his name. He was not very noach, that is, a pleasant, easy-to-get-along-with kind of person. Even in kindergarten, he was already labeled a difficult child, and no one made any effort to change that impression.

Bikur Cholim
by Tzipora Zien

We are all reluctant to look death in the face. We are even afraid to take a peek from the side...

Tzipora reminds us that the most important reason for visiting the sick is to provide him/her with the services which he might need.

Are You Really a Jewish Lady?
a true story by Rachel Perlman

One winter night, I went to the Kosel dressed up in a warm coat and hat. In my pocket were some shekels to distribute to tzedoka.

Keep Smiling

Short inspirational pieces by Avrohom Tzvi Schwartz, Kiryat Sefer, author of A Handful of Light, Hearts on Fire and other works on Mussar and Hashkofa

Two by Avril Mealem

My Pen is Still

My pen is still
My mind silent.
I cannot find the words
to express this moment.

Words that could bring joy
Evoke sadness
Might awaken a long forgotten emotion.
Where do they hide?

I watch the crashing waves
Listen to their never-ending story.
What can they teach me?

They are so full of energy,
so powerful.

But tomorrow the sea may be calm
No waves No spray No sounds
Only a tranquil, glass-like surface.

It is like my emotions.
Days when I can feel the driving force within me.
Days when there is only stagnation.

I now understand that
in times of gloom and loss of motivation
I, like the sea,
still have a well of hidden energy.

All I need do is locate its source
and send it surging through my body.

My Essence

A sudden flash of awareness.
It happened out of nowhere.
The ME,
The I,
The essence of my being
separate from my physical form.

No pains

For a fleeting moment
I was one with One

Suffering may affect my body
influence my emotions
but deep within my awareness
lies the knowledge
that these are but transient
changeable, unpredictable.

My body is a gift from Hashem
to be revered as His creation
Cared for, nourished and respected.

I now understand
who I am without this bodily form.

Divine pure Light
The breath of Hashem
The `I' that always was,
The `I' that will always be.

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