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Mishenichnas Adar - Increasing Your Happiness Quotient
by M.W.

Seems like the blueprint for a good life is based on the premise that our natural frame of mind should be a joyous one.

When a Child is Afraid to Bring Home his Report Card
by R. Gil

What is the importance of report cards to parents and children?

Notice from the Editors

Due to a technical glitch involving last week's Home and Family section, certain changes requested by the Vaada Ruchani were not incorporated in the printed paper.

Preparing For The Future : Eating Your Way to Peak Performance
by R' Zvi Zobin

Dr. Charles Gerson never really intended to find a way to cure cancer. When he opened his Sanitarium in pre-war Germany, his intention was to find a cure for tuberculosis.

Hachnossas Orchim
by Tzvia Ehrlich-Klein

With Pesach and summertime coming up, it is worthwhile reviewing some guidelines for having guests...

Letters, Eitzes, Feedback

A little of each, this time.

Poppy Seed
by Rivka Tal

Poppy seed plays a starring role not only on Purim, but on other occasions in our mesora.

A Little Shmooze on Buying Shoes
by Naomi Bustan

Some people only speak and pray to Hashem,

On official occasions,

According to all regulations.

Now, this idea may be new - to you -

But you will learn, sooner or later,

That speaking to our Creator

Should be done all day long,

By doing this, you can't go wrong.

If you pour your heart to our Father

Night and day - you will never go astray,

And by the way,

There's no long distance bill to pay.

I'd like to give you a real SHMOOZE,

On communication with Hashem - and buying shoes.

Rain - thank G-d - was forecast for the next day,

Which meant we'd have to march off right away

Down R' Akiva Street

To find winter shoes for my dear son's feet,

In case he might - and probably would - decide,

To examine the composition of a puddle, from the inside.

Remembering our forefather's advice I prayed,

"Please, Hashem, help me choose

A pair of serviceable, suitable shoes."

We tried various kinds, some were too tight,

Others were cumbersome, others too light.

My son began showing signs of irritation,

And I, in desperation,

Asked, "Which shoes would you choose?"

He raised a little finger and with a slight inflection,

Pointed to one box out of an identical selection.

"Oh, but those are girls," said the salewoman.

I turned to him and repeated my question,

And, believe it or not, he pointed in the same direction.

Full of grown-up determination,

And the saleswoman launched into an explanation,

"They're for girls, besides, they're the wrong size,

And don't tell me that's a surprise.

How can a child, too small to read or write,

Decide which box of shoes is just right

Or best - when one box looks exactly like the rest?"

In my heart, her words were based on calculations,

But one factor was lacking - a sense of imagination.

And before leaving, I felt it only fair,

To give a chance to my prayer.

"Let's have a look," I said, and I was there,

Reaching for the box, out of which came a lovely pair,

Of navy blue shoes, a perfect match,

For my little boy - a real catch.

We left the shop in a lighthearted mood,

Thanking Hashem with mounting wonder and gratitude.

The moral of this SHMOOZE is really smooth:

Before you shop, remember to register your detailed request,

For, hopefully, and surprisingly, Hashem will take care of the rest,

And, hopefully, you will not have to settle

For less than the very best.

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