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8 Adar 5759 - Feb 24, 1999 | Mordecai Plaut, director Published Weekly

















Home and Family
Letters, Eitzes, Feedback
by Tzvia Ehrlich-Klein

A little of each, this time. Mrs. Leifer from London finds our `Baalebusta' section very interesting and says she has been using shoe boxes to organize her shelves, but feels that people should have 7/8 changes to accommodate chol hamoed and during simchas - fine, and you have an extra day of the first while our hot/humid climate, as you note, warrants daily changes.

She has NO criticism to offer, even after we are read and digested. Thanks!

Our next tip from Mrs. F. in Jerusalem comes highly recommended by London's famous Dr. Adler. Our reader, who suffers from chronic arthritis, tells us that PINEAPPLE and PINEAPPLE JUICE is a cheap and natural remedy for this ailment. A week of one-glass-daily should relieve all pain! Certainly doesn't hurt. Let us know... And she also enjoys our FAMILY pages. Again, thanks!

Another tip: for those of you who stay away from coffee past midday so as not to suffer from insomnia, but still like hot drinks, try hot vanilla. Hot water, milk and sugar like in your coffee, but a dash of vanilla extract instead. Delicious!

And also for insomnia sufferers, a tablet of calcium before going to sleep. Cheap, harmless - actually beneficial - and does the trick.

Chani S. from Kiryat Sefer does not have central heating, but when it gets cold, puts her blech on the stovetop and a pot of water on top. The heat is radiated throughout the house with added steam to make it comfortable and cozy. Probably the cheapest heating for your money.

Someone who enjoys our Creativity Corner warns us that ALL playdough is chometz.

And a CLARIFICATION on our Tu BiShvat recipe which called for mashed dates. This is the date spread, mimrach tmarim, which is fine, and not the pressed dates which are not necessarily bug-inspected, despite their Eida hechsher.

Keep these ideas flowing. FAMILY FAX - 02-5387998, or send a brief note to Weinbach, Panim Meirot 1. We love to hear your comments!


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