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In Israeli the Rich are Openly Against the Poor

by Yitzchok Roth


Let us take one of the leaders of the protest, Moshe Rudman, a young hi-tech start-up-er, who left his work in order to devote himself to the protest. He was the one who initiated the storming of the anarchists against the Knesset on the day that the bill was presented to modify the reasonableness argument.

This was designed according to the storming of the pro-Trump people on the U.S. Capitol on January 6, 2021. Needless to say that no one in the reigning media said a word of criticism against this outbreak nor saw in it anything resembling an attack on the citadel of Democracy. Surely, anything that the anarchistic Left does is precisely an attempt to defend it...

Rudman is also the one who organized the mass march towards Jerusalem in the days before the vote, when that event ended up in Sacher Park, near the Knesset, where the participants slept overnight in preparation for an attack on the Knesset.

In a media interview, Rudman was asked how he came up with the idea of that march. He said that he had viewed a documentary film on the Armenian head of state who staged a protest march against the then head of state. Rudman disclosed that his idea differed from his plan because "... there, the lower class revolted against the rich while here, the upper class is fighting against the government."

He added, "Our goal is to convince the lower class that they are in the grip of a Bibi-ist deceptive charm."

In other words: the Netanyahu supporters come from the lower class, the weak segment, the poor, and the task of the rich and mighty is to convince them that they erred in their electoral choice, and that if they continue to support Netanyahu, they will suffer economically.

"And this is already not connected to the judicial reform," he explained, "nor to the question of reasonableness, because the High Court will simply find ways to circumvent that issue."

He maintains that the ultimate goal" — as kingpin of the protest — "is to topple the government."

And then the interviewer asks Rudman, "So how does one make a government collapse? We are a democratic state with no elections in the future."

And he explains the method: "It begins by attacking the economy. Foreign investors are removing funds from Israel and predictably, they will be drawing money from the stock market. To my great regret, this will bring on a mad inflation and a rise in the credit costs, which will adversely affect the public. People will feel choked by their mortgages and will lack funds to buy [food] at the supermarket."

So that is the method, to scare off investors, to make sure that the stock market falls and to siphon off money from the country. All of this in the name of "protecting Democracy," which all of the protest organizers know full well is a gross and ugly lie. Namely, that the economic situation will deteriorate, the lower classes — Rightist supporters — will feel the brunt in their pockets, all of which will lead to the fall of the government.

No, this is not a battle for the sake of democracy, but a fight against the Right, against Netanyahu, against his supporters, and if the state crumbles in the process, the end will have been "worth" it by their lights.


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