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Who is Guilty? It is Always One and the Same

by Yitzchok Roth


The Israel media is ever ready to point, unmistakably, a finger at who is to blame for the unending drag in the Hamas negotiations.

The American Secretary of State who visited a week ago knew well enough who was to blame: Hamas itself. Blinken, who is very critical of Israeli procedures, apparently knows better than others, what is going on behind the negotiation doors. And if he reproached Hamas for the stalemate, he probably knows more than a thing or two better than others.

His statement did not prevent Israeli media from finding a different scapegoat for this non-ending holdup. What, or who else than Binyamin Netanyahu? He is to blame for everything.

And one can even add: of course. So many columnists, on their own, suffused with the antiquated conception that the more one gives in to Hamas, the quicker will peace reign. Here is what one veteran newspaper man writes: "The obstinacy of the prime minister Netanyahu not to come to a political agreement and transfer Gaza sovereignty independently is understood by many in the world at large as a designed resolution that Israel intends to reestablish the settlements that were banished from Gaza — and oust the Palestinians living there."

And if you did not savvy this, he goes on to write, "In the interviews given by Professor Davidai at Colombia University, he said that in his opinion, this is the first occasion since the times of Nazi Germany where a Jewish lecturer is denied entry to his workplace. But in the era of Nazi Germany, there was a persecuted minority which was sent to the incinerators, without a backing of a country or army. Today, an Israeli professor is termed as representing the established Jewish State which erred and stumbled, leaving no signs that the government intends to right the situation. For this reason, it behooves that we protect it."

If you have failed to understand, allow me to explain. The Israeli government, or more accurately, Binyamin Netanyahu, is responsible for the fact that an eminent Israeli professor is prevented entry to his place of work in the U.S. Not Hamas, or supporters of BDS which declared an embargo on Israel, nor worldwide anti-Semites who arose from their slumber. Nor, similarly, the masses of radical Moslems who seized control over every favorable or less favorable site in the Western world. Only culpable is Israel itself and its head to state.

They are probably also to blame that the unfortunate miserables of Gaza rose up in an organized massacre against the Jews. And if there exist anti-Semitic Jews, who are we to defend worldwide anti-Semitism?


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