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The Show Must Go On

by Yitzchok Roth


Whoever was present at the grand show which took place at the beginning of the week in Jerusalem, in a place called 'The High Court for Justice,' knew the end of the spectacle in advance, similar to what took place in the parallel High Court in The Hague. There, everyone knew the expected culmination in advance, which did not stop them from participating in person, either as a representative or a spectator. Similarly regarding the fiasco in Jerusalem.

Each one of the 'players' had rehearsed his role, be they the judges themselves, the lawyers, the reporters or the curious crowd, each one contributing his 'necessary' role in the play script whose finale had been written in advance. The Greek play-writers who wrote the famous tragedy scripts, designated the purpose and message in advance, and the actors and audience already knew from the very start how the performance's tragicomedy would end, even though the progress towards the culmination was riveting and convoluted.

Much the same was the formula of the event taking place in the Jerusalem 'theater of justice,' before the cameras which broadcast it live, with each player playing his part in the script which had been written in advance.

The judges did not even bother to hide their prejudices. In real life, a judge is meant to be objective, devoid of any prejudices or bias of the subject at hand, while his role is purely to hear both sides, allowing each one to present his case, after which he is meant to take the protocol and weigh upon the scale of justice which side had succeeded in convincing him of his supremacy on the subject. But the prepared script, as well as the tragicomic end, proved that it was superfluous for each side to present his position on the matter since the end was a foregone conclusion.

Thus, all the viewers and listeners knew the end way in advance and could easily guess the ruling of the judges before getting to that part and know how the show would end before it actually ended.

It is clear to all, even those who tout the cause of equality before the law, be these the judges themselves or the spectators/audience, that no yeshiva student will actually be drafted as a result of this hearing. The knights of justice and law who sat there in their black gowns, posing severe expressions and spouting convoluted legal formulas and formalities, knew full well that all the talk would not lead to even one yeshiva student mobilized into the army.

Perhaps the very opposite would happen, that when the decree was exercised and the fight was on, the victimized public would barricade itself behind its position and the very fact of their persecution would make them fortified in their stance to refuse to knuckle under. But that is certainly not what they want to begin with.

Perhaps in Russia, under Putin, at gun point, it is possible to force people into the army and prevent any opposition. But in a civilized country, one cannot force a person to join the army if he is dead set against it. All the more so when a large sector is involved and is ideologically opposed to those who seek its enlisting.


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