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Two Letters


Holy Letter of HaRav Chaim and HaRav Gershon

Y. Gershon Edelstein Ravad 17, Bnei Brak

Menachem Av, 5781

To my brothers and friends, dear Bnei Torah: Greetings and Blessings.

With the approach of the bein hazmanim, we must bear in mind what Chazal said in Pirkei Avos (3:5), "Whoever shoulders upon himself the yoke of Torah is exempted from the yoke of the government and of parnossa, and whoever shuns it etc." The present situation calls for us to increase merits since a grave danger hovers over the continued survival of the very foundations of our sacred Torah in Eretz Yisroel. Without the merit of Torah, who knows what will be? When there are fewer immersed in Torah study, that merit is lacking for the entire Klal.

The only way to abolish the decrees is by taking upon oneself the study of Torah in uninterrupted succession, without pauses even during the bein hazmanim.

Therefore, each one should organize for himself set times and sessions in set places, and study there steadily, preferably at least part of the time together with a chavrusa, and this way to encompass and extend the atmosphere of cleaving to Torah throughout the bein hazmanim.

One should be most cautious and refrain from outings (outside the context of the yeshiva or the family), for this presents a danger to the body and soul, and many tragedies have occurred because of such trips. Admittedly, relaxation is necessary but not to the extent of shunting aside the yoke of Torah, for this is hazardous and severe.

Since during this period one does not find himself in a Torah environment at all times, one should be wary of one's conduct that it be a source of Kiddush Hashem so that people say: see this Torah scholar? How pleasant are his ways, how worthy his deeds! As is written in Yoma 81a. It is therefore vital to establish daily study times for Mussar, even if only for several minutes, for this impacts upon one's total comportment and leads to a good and happy life, as is known.

I also join in Chaim Kanievsky

Y. Gershon Edelstein




In addition the following is an excerpt of a letter recently published by the Moetzes Gedolei Yisroel of Degel HaTorah in Israel


Woe unto us that this is our situation, and how much must we bemoan the chillul Hashem and of all that is dear and sacred to Jewry. It behooves us to fortify ourselves exceedingly in diligent Torah study, in interpersonal relations, and to pour out our hearts like water in prayer and outcry that Hashem's honor increase in the world and that the wayward brethren return in wholehearted teshuva and not stumble through the frailties of their hearts.

We come hereby to strengthen and support the hands of our representatives who represent us in the Knesset, who stand vigil to guard the Torah here in our Land, and seek counsel at all times and devise ways to stand in the breach to prevent harsh decrees and annul those already passed.

We appeal to you and warn all those who nurture yiras Shomayim in their hearts, to shun all cooperation with people of the current government, and all the more so not to agree to appointments to any offices, even as 'advisors', nor in local councils or in institutions etc. which require dealings with government offices for their routine existence. Let them do this solely after consultation with Torah leadership and even then, to do what is minimally required for their existence. In each case, any question which arises should be brought before a Torah figure, nor should one extrapolate any decision from another similar matter, but each time, go and consult, again and again, for greater wisdom lies with more counsel.



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