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Final Arrangements for Shas Siyum Completed

by Yated Ne'eman Staff

The Preparatory Committee working to coordinate the various Shas siyum events held a series of meetings on Sunday to finalize arrangements in advance of the event scheduled to take place at Yad Eliyahu. At the end of last week meetings of the executive committees were held to put into place the final details on the charter buses, arrangements for ticket distribution, the complex logistics at the event hall, security and maintaining order and numerous other technical and organizational details for which agreements were reached in an atmosphere of close cooperation among all of the figures working to organize the respective events.

The decision to hold the major Shas siyum events by all streams of yirei'im in Eretz Hakodesh, and with cooperation between all segments of Torah Jewry, was reached to the great satisfaction of the general Torah-observant public. The calls to the Preparatory Committee offices have increased in number and activists and public figures note a marked rise in the demand for tickets among all streams of chareidi Jewry as well as the public at large from all parts of the country, particularly among the thousands of Daf Yomi participants eager to take part in the major events. Priority will be given to maggidei shiurim and regular Daf Yomi participants.

On the last day of the Daf Yomi cycle, 20 Adar Alef, maranan verabonon gedolei Yisroel will be on hand at the central siyum to be held at Yad Eliyahu in Tel Aviv. During the course of the following week local events will be held in every city. The closing event, scheduled to take place on 27 Adar Alef at Binyanei Ha'Uma, is also expected to draw gedolei Yisroel.

At the recent series of Preparatory Committee meetings decisions were also made regarding seating arrangements at Yad Eliyahu, group seating, the location of the central dais, the seating arrangements for the rabbonim and other dignitaries, the placement of the stage for the orchestra, entry gate arrangements to allow participants to reach their seats without delay, special entry points for gedolei Torah and fine details regarding the event program. Arrangements were coordinated with the police, private security guards, Magen David Adom and Hatzoloh.

The public relations staff, headed by Rabbi Binyomin Rabinowitz and Rabbi Menachem Gasheid, presented a detailed report on the widespread interest shown as the major events approach, as well as large companies interested in sponsoring the happy day for thousands of lomdim around the country. They also reported stepping up the pace on efforts to produce a special booklet to be released shortly before the event.

Representatives of the Dirshu administration met with representatives of the Preparatory Committee and conducted a tour of the hall to facilitate arrangements to receive hundreds of the organization's representatives arriving from Europe and the US, as well as their seating arrangements in the hall.

Dirshu, which is heavily involved in organizing the events, has also completed the groundwork to accommodate the large delegation of its supporters arriving from abroad. The organization plans to hold a banquet at Nof Yerushalayim Halls on Monday, 19 Adar Alef, at which delegation members, Dirshu kollel members and the testing staff from testing centers around the country will be in attendance. The wives of the Dirshu kollel members will also be on hand as a show of appreciation for the opportunity to be partners and share the burden of Torah study with their husbands.

Final preparations are also being made for the major event at Binyanei Ha'Uma. Event spokesmen say ticket sales begin this week. In light of the enormous demand to participate in the event, all of the halls at Binyanei Ha'Uma have been rented with plans to transmit a live video feed to a portion of the halls. The event will also be transmitted live to women at Tamir Halls.

An orchestra and choral group conducted by R' Chaim Benet will play in honor of the event, including songs composed by Daf Yomi founder, HaRav Meir Shapira zt"l.


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