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Ezras Torah Manchester: Annual Dinner 5765

By E. Pruim

The annual Dinner of Yeshivas Ezras Torah that took place recently was another timely reminder of the central place that the Yeshiva has taken in the lives of many families throughout the world. As Dayan O. Westheim, the nosi hayeshiva, remarked, the talmidim of every yeshiva are considered as bonayich — builders, since they are all setting the foundations for their future lives. This is certainly true for the bochurim of Yeshivas Ezras Torah who have their full potential nurtured and brought out through the dedicated efforts of the hanholas hayeshiva.

Since its inception nine-and-a-half years ago, Yeshivas Ezras Torah has gained an enviable reputation for the high achievements of the bochurim who graduate from it to many other yeshivos around the world.

The catered seudah, which was immaculately laid out and held in the Beis Yosef Hall, Prestwich, was enhanced by the presence of the rabbonei ho'ir, representing most of the mosdos of the town. The top table was also graced by HaRav Meir Kessler, the rav of Kiryat Sefer, who spoke expressively about the image that the Yeshiva has gained in the Torah world. He then conveyed the brochos of Rav Michel Yehuda Lefkowitz, by reading out his personal letter that he had received before he left Eretz Yisroel.

Rabbi M.M. Schneebalg, the moro de'asra, once again gave his full-hearted divrei brocho to the yeshiva. He emphasized the absolute obligation on every person to support and to encourage the efforts of the yeshiva in every way.

Many of the speakers emphasized the success of the Yeshiva in infusing a ruach of achievement and inspiration within the beis hamedrash walls. This high level of limud haTorah is made possible by individual attention to each bochur and a wide range of activities during the year.

The evening featured some of the premier speakers in Britain. The chairman was Rabbi Y.Y. Rubinstein, who himself gives a regular shiur in the yeshiva. He illustrated the worth of the yeshiva through a wealth of anecdotes, demonstrating how the yeshiva blazes a way for the bochurim through the metaphorical mine fields of life.

In an emotional droshoh, the Rosh Yeshiva Rabbi Michoel Emanuel summarized the latest achievements of the yeshiva. He gratefully acknowledged the essential part played by the dedicated efforts of the hanholoh, who make themselves continually available to the bochurim. He also gave thanks for the vital help given by all the supporters who help the yeshiva throughout the year. Rabbi Emanuel suggested that a vital way to reinforce our hashkofas haTorah is by strengthening our own dikduk in tefilloh. If we would demonstrate the importance that davening has in our own eyes, then our children would also understand how essential this facet of our life really is to us.

The guest speaker was Rabbi Yonoson Abraham, dayan of the London Beis Din. Rabbi Abraham has gained an international reputation during his career in Melbourne, Australia, and later in England. He highlighted the role of the Yeshiva in the community as a true ezras Torah, a support and help for Torah in general. Dayan Abraham elaborated at length on the long-term effect that mesirus nefesh can have, even generations later. He illustrated with personal experiences that the consequences of dedication and doing mitzvos lishmah might manifest itself many years later.

A presentation was made on behalf of the Yeshiva to Mr. Kovi Mozes for his continued efforts throughout the year.


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