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Shabbos Parshas Ki Sisa: A Day of "Introspection and Invigoration."

by Yated Ne'eman Staff

Since the evening in 1968 when 1,000 people packed the auditorium of Bais Yaakov of Borough Park for the sixth Siyum HaShas, the excitement surrounding a Daf Yomi Siyum celebration — both in the weeks prior to the respective event and on the exhilarating day itself — has triggered an increased interest in Daf Yomi learning and Torah study in general.

After the Ninth Siyum, for which an astonishing 20,000 Jews from all parts of the continent and every walk of observant Jewish life gathered at New York's Madison Square Garden, many new study groups were established in cities across North America, and Daf Yomi services proliferated.

Indeed, seven and a half years later, in an effort to make the most of the Siyum's great potential for harbotzas Torah, the Moetzes Gedolei HaTorah of Agudath Israel of America asked rabbonim across the country to dedicate their droshos on the Shabbos before the event to the importance of setting aside regular times for Torah learning either through the Daf Yomi program or the study of other sections of the Talmud or Oral Law.

Not surprisingly, an unprecedented upsurge in Daf Yomi study and services ensued in the wake of the tenth Siyum, which drew the participation of 70,000 Jews in Madison Square Garden, Nassau Coliseum and venues in 35 cities across the continent, as well as in places like Mexico City, Sao Paulo and Melbourne.

Now, as the greatly anticipated eleventh Siyum HaShas draws near, the Moetzes is calling upon shul rabbonim to once again utilize the awesome spiritual energy of a Siyum celebration to motivate their kehillos to intensify limud Torah at all levels. In a Kol Koreh issued February 4, the Moetzes designated Shabbos Parshas Ki SIsa, 17 AdarI/February 26, as a day "of introspection and invigoration."

An English translation of the full text follows below:


As we approach the joyful day when tens of thousands of Jews will, with Hashem's help, complete the study of Talmud Bavli through the Daf Yomi program, our hearts are filled with gratitude to the Creator, for having given us the Torah of truth, our beloved labor and path to eternal life.

We praise Hashem for the kindness with which He has favored us in the wake of the destruction of Jewish Europe, as manifested by the vast increases in the number of people "thirsting for the word of G-d" with the resultant need "to add benches to the study-halls" to accommodate the students in the life-giving yeshivos and kollelim everywhere, as well as the masses of individuals yearning for Torah who are part of the Daf Yomi program or other courses of Torah-study. How fortunate is our people! May Hashem grant even more of the same, that the banner of Torah be raised and glorified, and that we proceed "from strength to strength" in both the devoted study of Torah and the numbers dedicated to Hashem and His Law, in the spirit of the Verse: "Let many muse and let knowledge increase" (Doniel 12:4).

We therefore hereby issue a loving call to all rabbis and leaders of congregations to set aside the Shabbos of Parshas Ki Sisa, 17 Adar I as a day of introspection and invigoration, to exhort all of their congregants to recognize the nobility and importance of Torah-study, and the urgent need to appoint set times for it, each person according to his ability, whether through the study of Daf Yomi or other sections of the Talmud and Oral Law.

This is an auspicious time to take delight in the Torah and to infuse ourselves and the entire world with the sweetness of Hashem's law, until the day — as the Rambam writes — "when goodness will be ever-flowing and every delicacy will be as available as the dust, and the world will only strive to know Hashem... as it states: 'And the land will be filled with knowledge of Hashem, like the waters cover the oceans' (Yeshayahu 11:9)."



25 Shevat, 5765

(February 4, 2005)


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