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Shadchan and Lies

By Rebbetzin Nomi Travis


"From my experience with shadchonim, I noticed that they distort information at their convenience. How can they do that if falsehood is so despised by all of us?

The Best-Dressed Woman
by Risa Rotman

(loosely based on a true story)

Kaila knew it wasn't going to be her best day when, first thing in the morning, she stepped on a pointy little toy. Still, in her optimistic manner, she forged ahead with planning her day's events. After davening and the usual scramble of getting her kids out of the house (Shoshie went off in Shabbos shoes because she supposedly couldn't find her school shoes which just happened to be in their place by the door, but never mind...), Kaila found a moment to drink a cup of coffee as she perused her calendar for that day.

Why The Fridge Broke
by S. Potash

"I just don't believe this", I said to myself, when I saw that the fridge was not working. I stood helplessly in front of my thawing freezer. Only the day before, I had stocked up and filled the freezer with enough frozen food to last a month. Now I would have to try to accommodate all the food in neighbors' houses.

Seeing Hearts

by Shira Levy

Behind the white is reddish orange. A mahogany reddish. My oldest son has the same beard now, 23 years later.

Postcards from the Palace
by Bayla Gimmel

We are privileged to live in Yerushalayim. Everyone who is fortunate enough to live here in the Palace of the King has many stories about the special measure of Divine Providence that we experience daily. I would like to share some of my personal experiences.

Laugh, Laugh Until You're Sober
by S.W.

They say that everyone has his own inner biological clock. Some people are early birds and get up naturally with the sun. Others are night owls and are most productive after midnight. Then there are summer clock people and winter clock people. I have found, interestingly enough, that comes the month before Pesach, I run on a different clock altogether.

Straight Talk on Posture!
By Dr. Reuven Bruner, Ph.D.

I have spoken about migraines in the past, but I will answer a reader's questions on this subject. We used to think migraines were caused by spasm of blood vessels but we now know differently. Indeed they are caused by a complex release of hormones that act on the brain to cause that deep, boring headache.

Your Medical Questions Answered!
by Joseph B. Leibman, MD

(The assignment in Rifca's writing workshop was to imagine the white spaces of the page speak.)

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