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by Hannah Kafree

It was the eighth night of Chanuka and I stopped by a neighbor. She had ten children and all of their menoras made as school projects were arranged on top of folded, crinkly foil that covered the table set near the window. Each round metal cap glued to a wooden base held a brightly colored candle.

Does Tightening Our Belt Include Chanuka Gelt?
by Rosally Saltsman
adpated from an article by S. Fried

While we're waiting for an economic miracle, can we make the earnings of one day last for eight?

Cast Us Not Off in Old Age
as told to Esther Weil

Chaya is now seventy. Her husband, who recently passed away, had Alzheimer's for ten years. She took care of him at home throughout that entire period and now wants to help families in similar situations.


We were most gratified to receive the following feedback with its very healthy Torah-dik outlook on Histapkus, sufficiency and simplicity and living within one's means. Fortunate those who can really live up to these noble values!

Photo Opportunities of a Lifetime
by Bayla Gimmel

We find it very easy to catch our children doing things wrong. The secret to successful childrearing is to "catch" them doing things right and create a memory snapshot.

SomeOne is Helping You to Walk
a (true?) story by A. Lapid

Part Two

Synopsis: Orly has been following her friend's metamorphosis into a `baalas tshuva' and has resisted her own inclination to walk in her footsteps. Still, she has agreed to come for a visit in the Jerusalem apartment which Deganit shares with her fellow seminary schoolmates.

Your Medical Questions Answered!
by Joseph B. Leibman, MD

I should say a word about the recent New England Journal article on carbohydrates. This article made a splash and has made starches into the "bad boys." Starches are very filling and provide an instant energy source. They fill glycogen stores, which is quick energy when needed. Excess starches are stored as fat and that, as we know, is not good. Recently many have jumped on the bandwagon to condemn carbohydrates.

The Flu -- Prevention Tips
by Dr. Reuven Bruner, Ph.D.

With flu season in full swing in some parts of the world, preventing the flu is your best defense against the fever, chills and cough that the flu delivers.


Yofi, Yofi, Yofi

Sing to the tune of "Dreidel, Dreidel, Dreidel..."

I went to do some laundry
And right before my eyes,
The laundry room was empty
A wonderful surprise!

Oh, yofi, yofi, yofi, a miracle come true,
That someone did the laundry,
And left me none to do.

I went into the kitchen
To clean up all the mess
I saw the sinks were empty
Hashem sent me a nes!

Oh, yofi, yofi, yofi, a miracle come true,
That someone did the dishes,
And left me none to do.

I went to do some sponga
My least appealing chore
When suddenly I noticed
I had the cleanest floor!

Oh, yofi, yofi, yofi, a miracle come true,
That someone did the sponga,
And left me none to do.

I had to do some shopping
Though hardly in the mood
But first I checked the pantry
And it was packed with food!

Oh, yofi, yofi, yofi, a miracle come true,
That someone did the shopping
And left me none to do.

I went to cook some dinner
And much to my surprise
I saw a roasted chicken
Laid out before my eyes.

Oh, yofi, yofi, yofi, a miracle come true,
That someone did the cooking,
And left me none to do.

I went to make some coffee
Some kosher Irish Cream
When suddenly the whistle
Awoke me from my dream!

Oh, yofi, yofi, yofi, the house is all a mess,
Please let me go on dreaming,
So I can have my nes!

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