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a story by G. Chaver

She was a slender woman who wore a drab, flat sheitel and the same outfit every day: a faded black skirt and a striped blouse. As she rushed to the bus in the mornings, she barely uttered more than a hurried "Shalom" to those she encountered along the way.

Shema Yisroel
a story by Sara Carmel

Helpless creature... Tinok shenishba...

Benny, the Flying Squirrel
A parable by Rosally Saltsman

"I want to be the best squirrel I can be. I want to extend myself to my fullest potential and reach great heights, both literally and figuratively."

Looking for a Needle in a... Pincushion
by Sheindel Bulman

Soon after my wedding, or maybe just before, as part of my trousseau, I bought a pincushion -- a pretty little stuffed cloth tomato.

What Does Baby Need?
by A. Ross, M.Ed

Above all else, a baby needs a mother.

Quadruple Blessing
by Esther Weil

Part II


Synopsis: I already had three children at home... Thanks to the blessings I received from Hagaon R' Elyashiv and Harav Yitzchak Zilberstein, and the ongoing care of two excellent doctors, to say nothing of the continual intense prayers of my tzadekess mother, I gave birth to four healthy sons.

Hot and Healthy
By Dr. Reuven Bruner, Ph.D.

Hot spices have a lot of practical uses. They can clear your sinuses and help you digest a big meal.


Places We've Never Been
A Braided Poem
by Drora Matlofsky and Ruth Fogelman

Places we've never been
Exist without us
All around the world
And if we never, ever get there
They'll still exist
For other people
Who have never been
Who might never come
To the place where we are.
This is how the world is made,
The great wide world.

Places I've never been
Call me to visit.
Shall I heed their call?
Shall I travel to distant shores?
Or shall I remain in my beloved City?

The world was created for me,
Big, full of varied riches.
Was the North Pole created for me to visit?
Or to dream about?
My sister told me about Africa,
Dangerous beasts, insects,
Strange diseases, elephantitis...
Beauty... the veldt
And more...

When I was young, I dreamed of Russia and Greece
Or.. where was it?
A million places
Shall I go?
Shall I pick myself up?
Shall I pack my suitcase?

These places still exist,
Still will call prospective tourists,
Hawaii with sunny seashores
Taiwan with its symbolic script
Emblazoned on long banners
Russia with its pumpkin rooftops
And deep snow
Temperatures 'way below zero

But I am happy to remain
In my beloved City.


Shoftim... Shofar... Judgment and Elul

Sounds of Shofar

by Ruth Fogelman

Sounds of shofar
In first hour of day
Call for Return

Long and broken notes
Every morning of month
Before Rosh Hashona

"Hashem is my light and help"
They chant at prayers' end
Throughout the month of Elul

"Wake up!" urge shofar blasts
"From whom shall I dread?
Hashem is my life's strength
From whom shall I be afraid?"

And the new sun casts
Its yellow rays earthwards
Returning... to breakfast
And a day's work.

"Hope to Hashem,
Fortify Your heart..."
Still ringing
In their ears

As sun descends
To meet horizon
Again shofar blasts

At close of prayer
Again David's Psalm

And in blackness of night
With rise of morning star
Selichos they intone

In preparation
For Days of Awe.

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