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United Chareidi List for Upcoming Jerusalem Elections
by Betzalel Kahn

In a spirit of unity among Torah-true Jews in Jerusalem, the candidate list for United Torah Jewry-Agudas Yisroel-Degel HaTorah (UTJ) was submitted last week in advance of municipal elections scheduled for 3 Sivan. Heading the list is Mayor Rabbi Uri Lupolianski, who also presented his candidacy for the mayor's office.

All last week--particularly during the conference at Kibbutz Lavi--Degel HaTorah and Agudas Yisroel held extensive negotiations over the names that would appear on the joint "Gimmel" list, which promises a major victory for Torah-true Jews in the Holy City despite hostile campaigns by anti- religious factions trying to uproot every trace of Yiddishkeit and kedushoh from the city of Jerusalem.

After long hours of negotiations, the joint list, carrying blessings by gedolei Yisroel who were consulted on its final composition, was submitted to the City of Jerusalem's elections committee official. Heading the list are Rabbi Uri Lupolianski, Rabbi Yehoshua Pollak, Rabbi Avrohom Aryeh Finer, Rabbi Yosef Lok, Rabbi Uri Maklev, Rabbi Yaakov Shnur, Rabbi Shlomo Rosenstein, Rabbi Shlomo Malik, Rabbi Yosef Levy, Rabbi Yosef Deutsch, Rabbi Shimon Chadad, Rabbi Yitzchok Goldknopf and Rabbi Moshe Gura.

After Rabbi Lupolianski submitted his candidacy for the mayoral election, he received a brochoh from HaRav Yosef Sholom Eliashiv.

The candidates, representing the entire range of chareidi Jewry in Jerusalem, include both seasoned askonim and promising, new askonim. During the course of the negotiations Degel HaTorah and Agudas Yisroel signed an agreement outlining the distribution of responsibilities within the party based on expectations that Rabbi Lupolianski, who is currently leading the polls by a wide margin, would be elected mayor.

With Election Day less than four weeks away, the party is now finalizing the composition of the election staffs. The central campaign message will focus on the repeated attempts by anti-religious factions trying to suppress the chareidi public by preventing it from receiving its fair share of the municipal system through calls to "halt the `charedization' of the city."

Altogether, 17 lists and six mayoral candidates are running in the elections. Rabbi Lupolianski is the only chareidi candidate.


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