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Torah Will Not Be Forgotten

It is clear that the scope of the cuts in programs that affect the chareidi community are focused and goal-oriented. They are an exercise in social engineering whose intent is to bring about sweeping changes in the lifestyle of the chareidi community in Eretz Yisroel.

What the Economic Decrees are Really Supposed to Achieve
by Rabbi N. Z. Grossman

Part II

In the first part, Rabbi Grossman noted that the current economic program proposed and implemented by the Israeli Government has all the indications of including significant ideological elements. It is not purely economic necessity. For example, the cuts in the National Insurance Institute (Bituach Leumi) payments could have achieved the same savings with an across-the- board cut of just 7 percent.

Time for Pleasure: The Mitzvah of Oneg Shabbos
by Rabbi Daniel Yaakov Travis

Joyous Reunion

There was once a couple that shared such deep emotional ties, that others would use them as an example when wanting to describe an extremely intimate relationship. One day, much to their dismay, the ruling authorities assigned the husband to work in a distant land, forcing him to be separated from his beloved. Their only consolation was that once a week they would have the opportunity to be reunited.

To Learn and to Teach
by R' Yerachmiel Kram

"And if your brother grows poor and his means shall fall with you, then you shall relieve him" (Vayikra 25:35).

"And You Shall Relieve Him" -- Also in Torah Study and its Understanding

The Torah commands us to help and sustain a neighbor who became impoverished, to assist and support him in every way possible.

An Open Letter

Dear Mr. Olmert

I am not sure whether you remember me. I was Mayor of the London Borough of Hackney between 1997 and 2001 -- a record length of time for an English Borough. During that period I had the pleasure of visiting you in the Jerusalem's Mayoral Parlor.

Shabbos is Under Assault

To The Editor:

Shalom. Over the past few days the government and the Histadrut have unleashed a new kind of assault against Shabbas Kodesh, by insinuating that the Ben Gurion airport was closed last Shabbos (as it is every Shabbos), not because it was Shabbos, but as a purely political decision to prevent foreign airlines from taking 'unfair advantage' of El Al's not being allowed to fly on Shabbos to return thousands of passengers stranded by the recent Histadrut strike.

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