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A Kiss From Hashem
by KSR

Sometimes things don't work out the way we had planned or wished. Maybe even several times a day something happens differently than what we had intended. We miss the bus. There's traffic. We wanted to go shopping but the store was closed. So what do we do? Do we rant? No. Of course not. Do we feel upset or disappointed? Perhaps. But then we shake ourselves back to reality and with a heavy sigh, mutter, "This is also for the good." But what exactly is that `good'?

Spiritual Economy
by Miriam Luxenberg

Dear Editor,

"I have been enjoying the articles by Rosally Saltsman on thrift so much that I was inspired to write a little on spiritual economics..."

Take the same things that `you're doing anyway' and put some spiritual oomph into them for added mileage.

The Spoilt Princess

by R' Zvi Zobin

The Chovos Halevovos explains that the reason why children are beset with childhood diseases and painful afflictions such as teething is so that they should learn at an early age that life is not a `bed of roses.'

Research, Statistics and Opinions
by A. Ross, M.Ed.

As I write this, I know full well that people will disagree with what I say. The writer who wrote, "Everyone is entitled to my opinion" had a valid point.

I Remembered in the Night Your Name --
About Finding Our Way Back... To Places We've Never Been

by Varda Branfman

First: a word about the title, taken from Tehillim, with which you have become familiarized from past Yated submissions by Varda Branfman. She thanks your editor for having pushed her to put together her [wonderful] writings in permanent book form and we thank her for having allowed us a few precious previews over the past years, primarily poems like: "Cave Dwelling," "Bread", and prose: "Here in Geula" and "The Voice of Tehillim." You will surely wish to read those again, pass them on to others, and savor the rest of the spiritually exotic flavor of her writings.

Your Medical Questions Answered!
by Joseph B. Leibman, MD

Liver failure can be caused by a number of insults. Chemical is the most preventable. We discussed overdose of paracetomol (acetaminophen) but other medications (most of which have been taken off the market) can also be the cause. Chemicals in the workplace such as polyvinyl chloride can cause this as well.

Poet's Corner
Three selections: light, simple and fizzy

A Pesach Ditty -- in the Purim Spirit
by Shoshana Belsky

Pesach comes but once a year,
To our hearts it is quite dear,
Let's be honest, now and here,
To the housewife it brings fear,
Palpitations and some tears.
Schedules are in arrears,
Don't compare yourself with peers.
It might be too much to bear.
But I'll whisper in your ear
Something that will bring you cheer:
As the holiday draws near
All our lost things reappear!
Sons and daughters will be here
Gathering from far and near.

Let our prayer then be clear:
As the chometz disappears:
"Help us shift into high gear,
Help us beat the clock [again] this year."

Sun -- Rain

by Shaindel Bulman

[To be read with the mental accompaniment of a banjo on the knee... to the tune of "Oh, Shoshana..."]

The sun was shining when I left
The road was getting dry,
I didn't take an umbrella
And now I could just cry.

The rain is pouring on my head,
My shoulders, coat and shoes,
I should have listened for the weather,
When I tuned in to the news...

Where Do My Days Go?

by Shaindel Bulman

Where do my days go?
I really don't know.
One thing I know,
Though --
They don't go slow.

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