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Quotable Quotes

Public Speaking

"I'll speak just long enough for people to understand what I'm talking about, but my speech won't be so long that they will fall asleep on me in the middle." (New U.S. President George W. Bush, in his first national address on his economic policy.)


"It was just a 3 percent error. We erred by 3 percent on Barak, and another 3 percent on Sharon." (Statistician Dr. Mina Tzemach, explaining the 6 percent error in the sample, which showed a gap of 19 percent between Barak and Sharon, in contrast with the actual results of a 25 percent gap.)

Optical Illusions

"What you can see from there, you can't see from here." (Reuven Rivlin, explaining why Sharon forgot his past pledge as a member of the opposition to reduce the number of government ministers down to 18.)

Optimal Weight

"There are more moshav members in the Central Region than the number of moshavnikim who voted for Barak in the last elections." (Yoram Marziano, Labor Party strongman in Lod, explaining the importance of the selection of the Minister of Agriculture.)

Vested Interest

"It's very simple: the question is whether we will investigate you, or you will investigate us." (Prime Minister Sharon explaining to Barak why he insisted that the internal security portfolio must be in the hands of the Likud.)

Secular Dream

"One of the big dreams of the devoted secular public is that the day will come when the general chareidi public in Israel will enter the work force, rather than just generating more Torah scholars." (Secular reader in letter to the editor of Globes.)

Permanently Temporary

"Nothing is more permanent than that which is temporary." (Meretz representatives appealing to the High Court against legislating a temporary measure in the matter of an arrangement to defer drafting yeshiva students.)

Education Hour

"We are asking the High Court to put the Knesset back on track." (Naomi Chazan explaining the basis for the above appeal.)

Still Hoping

"The battle over our independence continues." (Prime Minister Sharon on the day marking the assassination of Trumpeldor, defining the State of Israel's pre-independence state in a slip of the tongue.)

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