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We are continuing a letter by an anonymous (for legitimate reasons) reader who took out the time to write her true story. "Yes, `Virginia', people from our circles do give up Down's children for adoption. And, yes, these children are welcomed by missionaries, more often than we would like to admit!"

The Three Lists
by Nechama Farkash

Many years ago, as a young newlywed and a most inexperienced baalebusta, I met a woman who, I think, was the most influential person in my marriage. She edited a newsletter which circulated among the English speaking women of our community. In one issue she discussed organization of the home. This is no minor issue and sometimes can even lead to divorce.

Secrets of the Soul

by Rabbi Yehuda Srevnik

"Secrets of the Soul" beckoned to me from a shelf in one of Jerusalem's finest Jewish book stores, inviting me to take a fascinating journey into the rich inner world of nonverbal, non-literate special children.

Things to Remember

by Rivka Tal

When cleaning for Pesach, remember: Everything takes three times as long as you think. For example, having scheduled a two hour timeslot to clean a particular closet, remember that six hours is a more accurate estimate...

Your Medical Questions Answered!
by Joseph B. Leibman, MD

As you picked up your copy of Yated today, you probably did not realize that for people with rheumatoid arthritis, picking up anything can be a painful experience.

Poet's Corner

Sometimes it takes a brush with death to get a person off a sidetrack or an aimless maze and onto the Teshuva path

Angels Applaud
by Shoshana Berman

I climb for hours
I walk for miles
And never get there

I'm always missing the last boat
And don't know when I'll be lifted
Off my islands

I speak into the microphone
As the regulars drift off to sleep
Over their beers
And the other poets hackle

I empty the pipes before winter
So they don't freeze and burst
I pay the bills
But don't leave a forwarding address

Once, when I'm driving alone
On an icy road
The wheels are spinning
And I see the trees
On the side of the road
Racing towards me
I think "Dead"
My whole life sucked
Into that wave of trees

I wait for impact
Wait to pass through those trees
A changed person

But a force in my hands
Not me
Grasps the wheel
And turns against the skid
Which is sure disaster

The car is lifting
Up in the air and landing
Back on course
Without skipping a beat
I'm driving as if nothing happened

I don't belong
I hear applause from those angels
Assigned to me

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