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Sorry, You Ate Kosher LeMehadrin

by Y. Wiess

The battle on the issue of the heter mechira has led a number of NRP representatives to publicly declare that they will fight for the continued reliance on the heter mechira, only if in order to manifest, as they say, "a national- religious stance against chareidi extremism."

In this manner, the NRP is perpetuating the age-old approach of its founders, who championed the ideology that bideved is l'chatchila as the Chazon Ish described it.

This approach believes in compromise at all costs, and demands that one be rather lax in matters of halacha and kashrus as an ideology in its own right. Often such an outlook leads to rather absurd scenarios:

A delegation of Israeli MKs visited the Georgian city of Tibilsi. The Israeli embassy and the local government, which hosted the delegation, sought to accommodate the guests, and to fulfill their demands.

They prepared a special sheet for the coordinator of the delegation, and asked him to check the type of food each guest wanted. There were three options: "regular" food, meaning treife dinners supplied by a non-Jewish restaurant, "kosher food," and "kosher lemehadrin food"

Most of the members of the delegation, secular MKs said that they were interested in "regular" food, the chareidi MKs said that they were interested in kosher lemehadrin food, while the one delegate from the national religious party, said that he wanted only "kosher" food.

The Chief Rabbi of Georgia, the emissary of the Vaad Lehatzolas Nidchei Yisroel, HaRav Ariel Levine, was asked to arrange the food for the chareidi and religious members of the delegation.

HaRav Levine ordered the same meal for all of them, because all of the food from the kitchen of the institutions of the Vaad Lehatzolas Nidchei Yisroel is kosher lemehadrin min hamehadrin, as befitting a Torah organization.

When the members of the delegation came to dine, HaRav Levine told the national-religious delegate with a smile: "I must apologize to you. All of the food in my kitchen is kosher lemehadrin. I have no kosher food which isn't mehadrin, and beg your forgiveness for having been machshil you with kosher lemehadrin food."

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