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To Gaze Beyond
by Rifca Goldberg, Tzefas

My grandmother's eyes are aqua-speckled ponds of gentle calmness. And when she smiles, her eyes become two happy smiles themselves in her finely etched face. She's slowed down by arthritis and she's lost part of her hearing, but her eyes... How I love those eyes! Their altering color flickers with wisdom, experience and patience.

by Sudy Rosengarten

Pa's day began at four thirty in the Bais Medrash of the Bnei Brak Old Age Home, and other than mealtimes and an afternoon nap, that was where he could be found till late at night in prayer and study. If anyone wanted to see him, they'd first have to call us to check when it would be possible to squeeze a visit into Pa's busy schedule.

Another Kind of Gemach

No, we will not go into the vast variety of Gemachs and the huge range of their services, fascinating as this subject always is, and getting more versatile with time.

Speaking From the Heart
by Menucha Levin

As a writer, poet and English teacher, I am always precise with words. Ever since I learned how to read at the age of five, I have been captivated by them. As a child, I remember poring over the dictionary, discovering all those fascinating words I had never heard of.

Reticent or Outspoken?
by R. Chadshai

Penina stood there, appalled and completely at a loss. The dress she had borrowed from Tova, her sister-in-law, had a bleach stain on it. She would have to confess, and to find out whether it could be repaired or offer to reimburse her. But Penina felt she just couldn't tell her. Tova had really not wanted to lend her the dress, and Penina had promised to return it in perfect condition. What would her sister-in-law think of her? What could she do?

The Dilemma of the Runaway House
by Bruchie Laufer

A new baby is a bundle of joy and work. Chaya was a bit overwhelmed when Baby Rivky came along but was trying to take things in stride. It took all of three weeks of three nocturnal feedings per night for Chaya to realize that for the time being, life would not be the same. Things that had been taken for granted up till now would have to be re- revaluated.

A Stone's Throw
by Rosally Saltsman

When I was living in Canada, I was always trying to lose ten pounds. Then I moved to the States, and I was still trying to lose those ten pounds. When I came to Israel, I only had to shed five kilos. Later on, I spent some time in England, and only had less than a stone to lose.

Paper Chains and Other Succa Decorations

by Devora Piha

What is a succa without decorations, and what is a succa without paper chains made by our children? Paper chains are a standard favorite when it comes to decorating the succa. Ever since the invention of construction paper, paper chains have been on the top of the list of easy-to-make children's succa decorations. The chains were often their first exposure to connecting links, a concept in the continuity of life. We can stretch our imagination and say these paper chains can represent the metal chains worn by the captive Jews during the Babylonian exile.

Off the Wall
by Rosally Saltsman

A very good friend of mine gave me a very personal gift for my birthday. She made a poster board out of newspaper clippings with my picture on it announcing an exclusive interview which she followed up with an imagined exclusive interview. I was very touched and overwhelmed and decided to frame the `front page' as is and hang it in my room.

by Z. G.

This piece was written in the summer break, vacation or holiday, however you like to call it. Chol Hamoed is the Torah mandated `break' from routine, that breath of fresh air, when many of us go to the lap of nature to marvel at the beauty of Hashem's world, to drink it into our souls for the grey, long winter ahead. To plug out of the manmade concrete world and into the natural one.

As they say, memories are forever.

Your Medical Questions Answered!
by Joseph B. Leibman, MD

One of my readers, Dr. Joel Gorman, offered to help me by answering a question that a reader once wrote concerning hernias. Dr. Gorman is a specialist in hernia surgery and takes a lot pains to make sure he knows the most updated information. Furthermore, he is a ben Torah and a wonderful individual. I thank Dr. Gorman for his help in writing this column, and wish him much success in his avodas hakodesh in helping people.

Cigarette Smoking -- The Single Most Destructive Habit to Your Health
by Dr. Manzer

Cigarette smoking is by far the most toxic habit now being used by people throughout the world and it is more addictive than heroine or cocaine! If you are a smoker you absolutely must stop -- now!

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