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Israel Shows its Wares in Paris
by Yated Ne'eman Staff

Israel opened a very large pavilion at the Paris Air Show at Le Bourget this week, to show off its advanced aviation and military wares. The show, the major exhibition of the year, opened last Sunday.

After the inauguration of the Israeli pavilion, which is comprised of exhibits by twenty Israeli companies, visitors flocked to the Arrow anti-missile missile, which provides powerful protection against ballistic missiles such as the popular Scuds developed by North Korea and sold to many countries including Iraq and Syria. The Arrow was developed jointly with the U.S.

On display at the pavilion were the Arrow launcher and the Arrow interceptor developed by IAI Electronic Group, MLM Division, and the Green Pine early warning radar, developed and manufactured by IAI/Elta.

Also on display were new missiles such as the Derby, a beyond-the-horizon air-to-air missile developed by Rafael (Israel Armament Development Authority), along with Rafael's NTD, a new lightweight anti-tank missile.

Another premiere was the upgraded SU-25 MK Scorpion aircraft, equipped with a new avionics suite. The upgrade program is the result of cooperation between the TAM Company of Georgia, U.S., and Elbit Systems of Israel. TAM is the manufacturer of the SU-25 aircraft, more than 800 of which have been delivered to customers worldwide. Elbit Systems is the supplier of the Western avionics package, with advanced displays, man-machine interface (MMI),navigation aids and weapon delivery systems.

The Israeli companies are focusing on their ability to upgrade aircraft and military systems. Upgrading is grabbing a larger share in global sales, due to budgetary difficulties around the world in procuring new military systems.

Gulfstream Aerospace Corporation, a General Dynamics' subsidiary, has formed a strategic partnership with Israeli Aircraft Industries Ltd. for the manufacture of Gulfstream's new mid-size G100 and super mid-size G200 business jets.

Gulfstream clinched the first firm sale of passenger planes at the 44th Paris Air Show -- a $1.25 billion order for 35 business jets by United Airlines' affiliate United BizJet Holdings -- according to an announcement on Sunday.

IAI, wholly owned by the Israeli government, will manufacture the jets, while Gulfstream, headquartered in Savannah, Georgia, will install the engines, avionics and interiors. The two companies will share revenues and profits.

A spokesman for Gulfstream acknowledged that Gulfstream's business with customers in Arab nations might suffer as a result of its deal with IAI and it is therefore considering locating a service center in the Middle East for the aircraft it sells in the region. The site of the facility would not be in Israel.

Israeli civilian developments were also displayed, including police cameras for television coverage and monitoring of traffic intersections, up-to-date and environmentally friendly air-conditioning units, innovative packaging for medical equipment, x-ray and photography devices, civilian aircraft testing systems, and a camera for civilian satellites.

Israel is currently one of the ten leading global defense system exporters with some $2.5 billion in 2000.


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