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29 Sivan 5761 - June 20, 2001 | Mordecai Plaut, director Published Weekly








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Economics and Hashgochoh

Modern economists can measure the economy pretty well, at least in general terms, but they cannot always explain it.

Is Modern Entertainment Any Good for the Soul?
By Rabbi Nosson Zeev Grossman

The questions that I will discuss this time are: is it possible to have religious entertainment, entertainment with a "hechsher" produced with good intentions and containing religious motifs? Can a Torah-observant Jew live peacefully with the modern entertainment culture, even before checking its programs and the quality of the plays?

When is Machlokes Considered Like Sholom?
by HaRav Yehoshua Rosenberg

It is one of the wonders of our Holy Torah, one of its hidden secrets, something that stems from its inner essence, that the interpretation of Rashi on a posuk that we studied in the dawn of our youth accompanies us the rest of our life, even though we may have meanwhile grown to be Torah giants and have plumbed its hidden treasures. Its understanding, nonetheless, does change and comes to fit each time and age according to one's individual spiritual world.

The Removal of the Veil
by L. Jungerman

"The wisdom of women builds her house" (Mishlei 14:1). Say Chazal, this refers to the wife of Ohn ben Peles, who rescued her husband (from Korach's fate) by arguing: What difference does it make to you whether Moshe is the leader and you are his follower, or Korach is the leader and you are his follower?

Politica - Good Bet--So Far
by E. Rauchberger

Prime Minister Ariel Sharon, who was elected on a security platform and was expected to establish public order by going head-to-head with the Palestinians, has been doing just the opposite ever since taking office.

18 Rotel: A Wonderful Segulah

To the Editor:

This year I merited to be at the gravesite of Rabbi Shimon bar Yochai on Lag B'omer, and I was impressed by the dedication of all the people distributing chai rotel. Every few meters, someone "forced" me to have a drink. Ashrecho Yisroel!

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