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Haifa Municipality UTJ Representatives Honor Rotation Agreement
by Y. Ariel

Last week, the UTJ-Agudas Yisroel internal rotation agreement in the Haifa municipality was honored by the UTJ representatives. The agreement had been made between Degel HaTorah and Agudas Yisroel members on the eve of the municipal election in Haifa. Degel HaTorah representative Rabbi Chaim Wiliger, who presided during the first half of the term of office, transferred his seat to Agudas Yisroel representative Rabbi Aryeh Blitental. The two were highly praised for their work together, and noted that they would continue to work together even after the changes took effect.

During his term of office, Degel HaTorah representative Rabbi Chaim Wiliger, fulfilling his part of the agreement, was active on behalf of his constituents and sanctified sheim Shomayim in all he did. Before leaving, he waged a successful, uncompromising battle to increase the financial support granted to Haifa kollelim, yeshivos and seminaries. Haifa Mayor Mitzna also complied with Rabbi Wiliger's request to subsidize a library for the children of avreichim in Neve Shaanan, following the request of the local chareidi community.

During the first half of his term of office, Rabbi Wiliger and Rabbi Blitental led the struggle against the desecration of graves in the Yaffo area of Haifa, under the guidance of local rabbonim. As a result of their efforts, the gedolei Yisroel issued a proclamation decrying the desecration of graves in Haifa.

Rabbi Aryeh Blitental has served until now as chairman of the Religious Front. He was also active outside the city council on behalf of the local chareidi sector. In his remarks to the members of the City Council, Rabbi Blitental noted that he is the representative of the city's rabbonim and that his aim is to represent the Haifa chareidi sector, along with its many educational institutions and its chesed and welfare organizations.

He thanked Rabbi Wiliger for honoring the rotation agreement and for all of his noteworthy activities. He added that he looked forward to continued collaboration with Mitzna. In his moving remarks, he mentioned his father, Reb Moshe zt"l, an active member of the Haifa City Council for twenty years, one who displayed geniality, warmth, and respect for all who sought his services. "His legacy and deeds are a last will and testament for me, and will constantly guide me," he concluded.

In his greetings, Mayor Mitzna noted that although he hadn't known Rabbi Blitental's father personally, he had heard much about his efforts on behalf of both the klal and individuals. Mitzna said good-bye to Rabbi Wiliger (who was absent from the meeting due to a family simcha) and praised him for his activities. At the next City Council meeting Rabbi Wiliger will deliver a final address, summarizing the activities of the first half of the term of office. Rabbi Blitental will serve as chairman of the Torah Culture Committee, as well as on other municipal committees.

The City Council unanimously approved a change in the position of the deputy mayor of Haifa. Rabbi Avrohom Weitzman of Shas, who is serving his second term of office in the City Council, will replace Rabbi Moshe Shtetman who has presided for 14 consecutive years as deputy mayor.

Unlike other parties that failed to honor their internal rotation agreements, UTJ has honored its agreements in an exemplary manner. Other Council members noted this in their remarks and expressed their commendation for UTJ: a true kiddush sheim Shomayim.


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