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The Need to Set Up a Jewish Identity Database

Recently, as the calls to allow free entry of non-Jews to the State of Israel have become more common and have come from higher and higher levels, we see how self-destructive is the liberal and permissive ideology that underlies these feelings.

Principles of Education
by HaRav Nosson Einfeld

It is not just a matter of added benefit for an educator and a mashgiach to supervise their charges carefully, to love each talmid sincerely, to pay attention to danger signals and to diagnose weaknesses far in advance. Someone who lacks the qualities to do all these things is totally unsuited to these professions.

Slave Turned King?
by L. Jungerman

"From prison he went forth to rule" (Koheles 4:14). Rashi explains that Koheles is referring to Yosef, who emerged from prison to rule over all of Egypt.

Pressure and Persuasion
by Rabbi Nosson Zeev Grossman

A front-page headline in Ha'aretz, a popular morning Israeli newspaper with strong Leftist leanings, reported: "Tremendous Slash in Funding for Chareidi and Dati Education." The newspaper, which seemed to be overjoyed at such "good news," wrote that the Education Ministry made its budget proposal to reduce items for chareidi education and Torah-culture courses.

Carrying on Shabbos in Meiron

To The Editor:

We were zoche last year to see the construction of a new eruv in Meiron. A sign near R' Shimon Bar Yochai's grave shows the map of the eruv. In addition, the sign attests that the eruv is kosher also according to the Rambam's opinion, but is not yet an eruv mehudar.

Bentching From a Siddur

To The Editor:

I remember that there was a period a few years ago when tragedies in which young men and women passed away happened one after the other. Some people asked Maran HaRav Shach, shlita, what they should do when such misfortunes take place. The Rosh Yeshiva prompted them to be careful to bench bircas hamozone while following inside a siddur. Maran's guidance was well publicized at the time.

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