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How Can a System Like This Command Respect?

For several weeks we have seen the suffering of former Prime Minister Netanyahu and his wife as they are thoroughly investigated for possible crimes in the full glare of the media spotlights.

Point of View
Turbine Totalitarianism

By Professor Yitzchak Segal

Many years ago, an ATA (an Israeli textile firm) employee turned to his friend, a religious engineer, and told him that the factory did its maintenance work on Shabbos. The pretext was that because the factory was inactive on Shabbos, the machines could be fixed without interfering with the production process. The engineer did not do maintenance and did not work on Shabbos, but it bothered him that his livelihood was dependant on chillul Shabbos.

Opening the Heart for Teshuvah
by HaRav Shimon Moshe Diskin zt"l

"Then on the third day Avrohom lifted up his eyes and saw the place far off. And Avrohom said to his young men, `Stay here with the donkey while I and the lad go yonder and prostrate ourselves, and then return to you'" (Bereishis 22:4- 5). Rashi (v. 4) explains that Avrohom's "seeing the place" means his seeing a cloud hovering over the mountain.

Parshas Vayeira -- The Ten Nisyonos of Avrohom Ovinu
by Rabbi P. Chalk

The sedros of Lech Lechoh and Vayeiro deal primarily with the ten nisyonos of Avrohom Ovinu. In Michtav MeEliyohu )vol. 2, pg. 162 (Rabbi Dessler z"l points out a surprising anomaly in the nature of these tests. Avrohom Ovinu is most famous for his middah of chessed, loving-kindness.

"And You Found His Heart Loyal Unto You"
by L. Jungerman

"Avrohom Ovinu was tested with ten trials and withstood them all, to prove Avrohom Ovinu's great love," Pirkei Ovos.

Most of the trials with which Avrohom was tested were enumerated in last week's portion of Lech Lecho: Going forth from his land; the famine in the land of Canaan; Sorai's being abducted to Pharaoh's palace; the war of the kings; the expulsion of Hogor and Yishmoel and the circumcision.

What Does the Catholic Church Really Want from Jews?

To The Editor:

I fear that the article entitled "New Book on Wartime Pope's Antisemitism" by R. E. Gruber in the issue of 28 Tishrei (October 8) can be terribly misunderstood.

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