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a story by Chaya Levinson - Part Two

"There is nothing as whole and perfect as a broken heart..." (R' Yisroel Salanter)

Synopsis: Rivky undertakes the project of sewing her own bridal gown. She utilizes her work hours as her time for reflection and prayer. All of her hopes and prayers are incorporated into the stitches.

The Sweetest Siyata Dishmaya
by S.D.C., Manchester

The following story took place about three years ago, but is a constant companion when the going gets rough...

It was Sunday evening. The children had finished their supper and were ready to prepare for bed. I glanced around the house feeling utterly overwhelmed by the disorder everywhere, knowing that I really wanted each room neat and tidy for my husband's return at the end of a long, tiring day.

Your Medical Questions Answered!
by Joseph B. Leibman, MD

My wife asks about enuresis. Enuresis is night bedwetting, and it is extremely common. While occasionally due to infection and rarely to problems related to the urinary tract structure, most of the time it is due to the child not responding to signals to empty his or her bladder while asleep.

Portrait of a "Mixed" Marriage

by Menucha Levin, Metzad

My husband and I have a `mixed' marriage. I come from an F.F.B. (Frum from birth) family, whose head z'l received smicha from R' Kahaneman at the esteemed Ponevezher Yeshiva in Europe. My husband is a baal tshuva from a very secular background.

Preparing For The Future
Looking for Chumros

by R' Zvi Zobin

"Look at Mr. Ploni. He's so frum! He keeps so many chumros! I wish I could be as frum as he is."

"Mr. Almoni has such a nice minhog. I think I will take it on as well."

There are people who go around looking for extra chumros and minhogim. They feel that frumkeit comprises loading up themselves and their children with as many `extras' as possible.

The Guessing Game

by Rifca Goldberg

The guessing game begins!

With the arrival of autumn comes skies that are half-sunny and half-covered with black clouds. Should I dress the kids in short sleeved shirts or coats? If the day warms up, they invariable shed their coats at school where the garment remains, for days or weeks, or they come home dragging their (now tattered) mud covered coats on the ground.

Discover Dill

With so many leafy vegetables and herbs now enjoying special growing conditions to render them bug-free, it is time you introduced yourself to some and enriched your diet.

Say `dill' and any American will conjure up dill pickles. Dill has been used for pickling, as well as for soups, but it can be eaten raw, cut up in salads, or in white cheese for a tangy cheese spread.