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Put a Lid on It
by M. Steinberg

I would like to tell you the stories of four young women who live in different places and have nothing to do with each other, but everything to do with a sometime problem in our community.


Greetings from Tsfat - writes Esther Susan Heller, who has appeared in our section before, as have several other gifted writers from that holy city. Must be something about the air up there, or is it in the ground? Talent abounds, and Mrs. Heller is announcing an "international collective of writers which will allow women, scattered and isolated in English speaking Jewish communities around the world, to communicate with other Orthodox women writers."

Positive or Negative Education
by A. Ross, M.A. in Speech, Education

Young parents with a first child are often at a loss what to do. We do not learn formal parenting. Much of it is intuition, a lot is common sense, and with the second and subsequent children, it is experience, and the experience of friends. By the time our children have grown up, we have a great deal of experience.

Your Medical Questions Answered!
by Joseph B. Leibman, MD

Diplomate, Board Certification of Emergency Medicine

Chairman, Department of Emergency Medicine Ma'ayenei Hayeshua Hospital

The eye is truly a miracle. Equipped with an ability to interpret many wavelengths of light, just like a camera, it can also adapt to darkness, and see from the side. It comes with a self cleaning mechanism as well. Not just a mechanical device, it also comes in a variety of designer colors.

Hospital Offers Alternate Medicine Clinic for High Blood Pressure
by N. Katzin

A new clinic which will administer alternate medicine methods for the treatment of high blood pressure has opened in the Siroka Medical Center. As part of the hospital's High Blood Pressure Unit, the clinic will be under constant medical supervision.

Vitamins May Be Harmful to Those On Chemotherapy
by N. Katzin

Do antioxidant vitamin supplements really help cancer patients?

Alternate healing methods using complementary treatment -- not alternate healing -- have been gaining more and more approval among doctors and patients. It is currently believed that proper nutrition and the intake of certain vitamins and minerals are likely to help cancer patients cope with their difficulties. However until recently, these methods were not scientifically tested.

Poet's Corner
The Thrill of a Bill

by Malka Adler

The telephone bills make it quite clear
We keep in touch with our near and dear,
To hear `good news' is so very nice,
But for glad tidings we pay a price.
Why the arnona tax is so high, I can't understand,
But it proves we own homes in the Holy Land,
There are Jews in golus everywhere,
But we have the privilege to live right here.
The electric bill - a shock - a fright,
The sum it costs to keep our homes bright,
But pity the homeless whose days are dark,
No permanent place themselves to park.
When the charge for water does arrive,
We know we need it to survive,
Cleaning, cooking, dishes in the sink,
And we and our house plants need it to drink.
Pay with cash, check, card and gratitude,
Boruch Hashem - that's the attitude!

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