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Is Lieberman Good for the Jews?

To the Editor:

These are excerpts of an article that appeared in the press:

"Lieberman gets off river and finds a synagogue," by Brigitte Greenberg, (AP). Vice presidential candidate Joseph Lieberman and his family veered off the campaign trail Saturday to attend services at the only Jewish synagogue within 90 miles . . . They boarded a riverboat in La Crosse on Friday morning to campaign down the Mississippi. The Liebermans got off the boat in Genoa and took a motorcade back to La Crosse, the only town with a synagogue in the area, so they could keep the Sabbath, which stretches from Friday sundown to Saturday sundown. About 45 to 50 families belong to the temple . . . Both Lieberman and his 31-year- old daughter, Rebecca, were summoned to the front of the temple to sing from the Torah . . .

This is not the only thing done in public by this family that should call in to question how much of a kiddush Hashem are we talking about? Should he be called frum (Orthodox)?

Rabbi A. Muken

Is Lieberman a Kiddush Hashem?

I was appalled to read "Joe Lieberman -- a True Kiddush Hashem." He now supports partial birth abortion, which is no less than murder with achzarios, he is pro- homosexuality, and he is now against vouchers which would alleviate a tremendous financial burden on thousands of heimishe families sending their children to yeshivas . . . need I go on?

His acceptance will prove to be a huge mistake. He does not represent true Torah-values, and all those who do and are working, will now be under great burden and pressure to explain to our colleagues why we need to be more religious than the "Orthodox" Joe Lieberman.

You should not be promoting him.

Jake Goldstein

Columbia, MD USA

The Editor Replies:

It is important to keep all this in mind. But it is also important to realize, as Rabbi Avi Shafran of Aguda put it, "He's running for Vice-President, not for Chief Rabbi." Objectively, his presence in the public eye will bring up a lot of issues and bombard the public, including the Jewish public, with a lot of information. As Rabbi Yitzchok Adlerstein writes, "He will, however, be a lodestone towards tradition, with individual elements of his life-style attracting, intriguing, and inviting comment. . . . We have a window of opportunity . . . " He suggests making billboards in favor of Shabbos that read, "If it works for Joe Lieberman, it can work for you."

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