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6 Ellul 5760 - September 6, 2000 | Mordecai Plaut, director Published Weekly








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Religious Affairs Ministry to be Dismantled This Month
by Yated Ne'eman Staff

The Government unanimously approved dismantling of the Ministry of Religious Affairs at its weekly Cabinet meeting last Sunday. The areas currently under its jurisdiction will be transferred to other ministries, thereby safeguarding the rights of its employees. Acting Religious Affairs Minister Yossi Beilin said the Religious Affairs Ministry will be closed by the end of the month.

53,000 Students in Bnei Brak Schools -- Biggest System in Dan Region
by A. Cohen

53,000 Bnei Brak students kein yirbu returned to school this Elul, in a variety of schools, kindergartens and educational frameworks, in comparison with the 51,000 students of last year. This is the largest body of students in one city in the entire Dan region, the most populous of the country.

Arye Deri Begins Prison Sentence -- Tens of Thousands Escort Him
by Betzalel Kahn

At the conclusion of a long motorcade beginning in Jerusalem and ending in front of the Ramle prison, former chairman of Shas Arye Deri, entered prison to begin serving his three- year prison term. As of now Deri will be incarcerated in the shomrei mitzvos branch of the Ma'asiyahu prison, though there are reports that Deri will ask to transfer elsewhere.

Incitement Over a Street Name
by A. Cohen

The media launched an incitement campaign recently against a decision by the Bnei Brak Municipality to change the name of Sharret Street to HaRav Povarski Street, to name it after HaRav Dovid Povarski, the rosh yeshiva of Ponevezh. The street is located in a commercial section of Bnei Brak where there are growing hi-tech companies.

Elyagon Will Not be Promoted
by B. Rabinowitz

This past Sunday (3 Elul), the committee for the election of judges decided not to promote the Chief Justice of Beer Sheva's Magistrate's Court, Oded Elyagon, to the position of a judge in the District Court of Tel Aviv. The appointment will be discussed again in a number of months.

Maranan Verabonon Fortify Battle on Behalf of Shmitta
by Yated Ne'eman Staff

Maranan, the gedolei HaTorah, HaRav Aharon Leib Steinman, HaRav Michel Yehuda Lefkowitz and HaRav Chaim Kanievsky have issued a call to strengthen shemiras shmitta kehilchoso as well as those who are battling to prevent the sale of sefichin.

Beilin Explains the "Secular Revolution"
by G. Lazar

Justice Minister Yossi Beilin divulged a series of revelations concerning the so-called "secular revolution" that the chareidi community found infuriating.

Agudas Yisroel Takes ADL to Task for Criticizing Lieberman
by A. Sapir

Agudas Yisroel of America took exception to a widely publicized letter from the Anti-Defamation League to Senator Joseph I. Lieberman, which urged the vice presidential candidate to stop making "overt expressions" of religious belief in his campaign speeches.

No Let Up in Controversy Over Prague Graves
by Yated Ne'eman Staff

Czech Culture Minister Pavel Dostal insists that he was trying to show respect for Jewish tradition, but the commotion over the unearthed graves, and his writings about Orthodox Jews, have raised the stakes in the battle over the relics in an abandoned medieval Jewish cemetery in Prague.

HaRav Eliyohu Boruch Goldschmidt, zt"l
by Ch. Baumwolspiner

"He may look like a mortal being, just another man of flesh and blood," remarked the Chazon Ish of a certain ben Torah, "but in truth he is not. He is actually a mal'ach, an angel of Hashem."

HaRav Moshe Menachem Yaakobson zt"l
by A. Cohen

On 30 Av, the bitter news of the petirah of HaRav Moshe Menachem Yaakobson, zt"l, the rav of Beer Yaakov and one of the greatest marbitzei Torah of our times, was announced. The petirah occurred in Beer Yaakov, where HaRav Moshe Menachem had presided as rav for 50 years. His levaya set out from the synagogue in the Beer Yaakov Seminary.

HaRav Shimon Ziat, zt"l
by A. Cohen

On erev Shabbos Nachamu, a large crowd accompanied the well known tzaddik HaRav Shimon Ziat, zt"l, on his last earthly journey. He was one of the venerable and esteemed rabbonim of the Aram Tzova (Aleppo) community in Eretz Israel, he was 95 at the time of his petirah.

Hadassah Chasya Ehrentrau, o"h
by Yehuda Ariel

On erev rosh chodesh Elul, bereaved residents of Rechasim accompanied Hadassah Ehrentrau, o"h, on her last earthly journey. Twelve-year- old Hadassah was due to begin seventh grade in Rechasim's Bais Yaakov elementary school. However, Hashgocho had different plans, and she was, instead, brought to her final resting place.

Shomer Shabbos Paper Factory Dedicated in Kiryat Gat
by B. Rabinowitz

Jerusalem Paper 2000, a factory specializing in the production of domestic and industrial paper products from recycled waste paper products, was dedicated last week in Kiryat Gat. The company has merited the blessing and encouragement of rabbonim and the support of the heads of the city.

Kav Mehadrin to the Kosel Inaugurated
by Betzalel Kahn

A special Egged mehadrin bus line to the Kosel and back was successfully inaugurated on erev rosh chodesh Elul. The line ran every 20 minutes. The front section of the buses is set aside for men; the back for women.

Public Awareness of the Shomer Shabbos Vacation Sites Increases
by Yated Ne'eman Staff

The public awareness of the importance of frequenting only shomer Shabbos vacation and amusement sites has currently been gaining impetus.

Meretz Acting Minister to Prevent the Opening of Herzliah Mall on Shabbos
by A. Cohen

Acting Labor and Welfare Minster Raanan Cohen (Meretz) announced last week that he would not allow the new shopping mall in Herzliah to open on Shabbos and holidays, adding that he would send inspectors to the site to fine any businesses opening their stores in the new mall last week on Shabbos parshas Shofetim.

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