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2 Av 5760 - August 3, 2000 | Mordecai Plaut, director Published Weekly








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Katsav, Likud Candidate, is Elected President of Israel
by Mordecai Plaut

Though everyone in the political system and especially in the media assumed that Shimon Peres would be the next president of Israel, Likud MK Moshe Katsav was elected the country's eighth president by the Knesset on Monday by a vote of 63 to 57 on the second ballot.

Air France Refused to Purchase Israeli System that Grounded British Airways Concorde
by Yated Ne'eman Staff

According to Globes, the Israeli business daily, a system designed by an Israeli company was responsible for revealing faults in the wings of the British Airways Concorde airliner. Air France, whose Concorde airplane crashed a week ago, refused the Israeli company's sale offer for the system. 113 persons, including passengers, crew members, and people on the ground, were killed in the tragic crash.

Lulav Cartel Suspects Charged
by Betzalel Kahn

The Unfair Business Practices Authority has issued orders to charge those suspected of forming a lulav cartel last year at Succos time. It was coverage by Yated Ne'eman that led to the investigation of the cartel.

Beis Din for Problems in Computer Usage Warns Against CD- ROM Discs
by Betzalel Kahn

The Beis Din for Problems in Computer Usage has issued a warning against the new phenomenon of infiltration of television and films into the chareidi sector by means of CD- ROM discs.

Beilin Would Dismantle Religious Affairs Ministry
by Betzalel Kahn

Minister of Justice and now also of Religious Affairs Yossi Beilin has formulated a detailed plan to dismantle the Religious Affairs Ministry.

Shearis Opens Bnei Brak Marriage Registration Bureau
by A. Cohen

A memorial gathering of Sanzer Chassidim was held in Kiryat Sanz in Netanya on Wednesday night, the eve of the tenth of Tammuz. Headed by the current Admor of Sanz, the gathering was graced by admorim and gedolei Yisroel. It commemorated the sixth yahrtzeit of the previous Admor of Sanz, author of Shefa Chaim and Divrei Yotziv.

News About Chodosh in America
by Mordecai Plaut

According to the latest information released by Yosef Herman of the American "Guide to Chodosh," the harvest of the new grain crop in America this year has already begun 1-2 weeks earlier than usual. According to the information gathered about planting, even though Pesach was quite late in the secular year, almost all of the crops in America were planted too late to make them yoshon in the coming year.

Successful Torah Day for Israel's French Speaking Jews
by Betzalel Kahn

A large gathering of French speakers in Israel was held in Jerusalem's International Convention Center (Binyanei Ha'Uma) at the beginning of Tammuz. This unique event was coordinated by Rabbi Yaakov Sitruk, son of the chief rabbi of France who is a rosh kollel in Jerusalem and chairman of the Aleif Ladorot (Teach the Generations) organization.

The Common Folk
by E. Rauchberger

MK Rabbi Avrohom Ravitz was present at the Likud party's farewell Knesset meeting in honor of Moshe Katsav. This meeting was attended not only by Knesset members from the Likud, but also by those of other parties. Rabbi Ravitz was even one of the speakers.

HaRav Yishai Halevi Meir zt"l
by A. Cohen

On motzei Shabbos, parshas Chukas, a huge throng accompanied HaRav Yishai Halevi Meir, zt"l, on his last earthly journey. He was one of the main supporters of Torah in France: a zealous champion of Hashem's war. He was 87 at the time of his petirah.

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