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2 Av 5760 - August 3, 2000 | Mordecai Plaut, director Published Weekly








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Eretz Yisroel is Acquired Through Yisurim

We are in the midst of that period of the year which has been historically difficult for our people. Below, we focus on a space of suffering, a trying period for the residents of Eretz Yisroel two centuries ago.


First of all, thanks for a job well done! Your column is the first I turn to each week, after the headlines.

With the upcoming Bein Hazemanim, may I request some ideas on vacation places for families with children -- parks, zoos, one-day trips etc. in Yerusholayim and outside the city? Also, some indoor places for hot weather. All places should conform to standards of Tzniyus - Rochel S.

Tisha B'Av: Children Drawing a Picture of the Kosel

by Devora Piha

Any time is a good time for children to draw a picture of the Kosel. Now, especially, in this Three Week mourning season, the Kosel takes on added significance.

Enrichment Through Stories
by Menucha Fuchs

A child is capable of hearing and listening the moment he is born. His attentiveness is reflected in his eyes. An eight- month-old baby will, with his infantile gaze, follow our gestures as we read to him. A one-year-old who has been trained to listen to stories will goggle as we tell him a story, wordlessly proclaiming: Ima, Abba, more.

Poet's Corner
"More Precious Than Pearls"

by Bruchy Laufer

Said Penina Oyster to her spouse one day,
"I've had enough. I'm not home to stay.
I want to go out, to explore the sea,
And find a challenging, glamorous career for me.


"I'm bored and also overweight,
I feel like bouncing around in light gait.
Producing domestic pearls is all I've got?
It's time I enjoyed myself -- that's what!"


Shell-shocked master of the house,
Looked despondently after his disappearing spouse.
What will happen? No pearls? No Family industry?
Aren't pearls precious? I mean, really!


But there was no changing Penina's mind,
She pursued treasures of another kind.
As dynamic director of her part of the ocean,
Her life became one of perpetual motion.
Never once did she stop or pause,
All the while, just pursuing her cause,
Female oysters are just as smart,
Our careers deserve a good head start.


Years later, exhausted, Penina realized suddenly
"I've been behaving quite foolishly,
I've nothing to show -- while my treasure lay in my shell,
Where my potential precious pearls dwell."
But because of all the time spent at sea,
Her hormones were gone; she was left with no energy.
She cried and prayed for at least ONE pearl,
But the ocean echoed, "THAT career is over, my girl."


Tisha B'Av Wail

by Esther Susan Heller, Tzefas

As we sit at the city's gate
Bemoaning our collective fate
Crying to Hashem, praying up till the end,
Exhausted by our tears
Frightened with volcanic fears
Gasping for hope -- grasping a fraying rope,
Ignoring our Prophets, still
Jumping from terror's will
Knowing not our part -- locking up our heart
Moaning, too little, too late,
Nothing to do but wait.


Only back to Hashem -- Pull us back, Hashem.
Quell our fears,
Renew our years,
Save us now - teach us how
To understand our apprehensions
Validate our intentions,
We are turning back to You
Examining all we do
Our only answer -- You, alone,
Zion, our heart, our home.

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