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For the Sake of This G-d Took Me Out of Egypt!

Once again we prepare for Pesach. Do we think there is no point to read the Haggadah again and again? Do we yawn at the thought of discussing Pesach, matzo and morror for the tenth or the thirtieth or the fiftieth time?

Sylvia Curruca Proclaims "There Is A Borei Olom"
by Joshua Josephson

Part I of this article looked at some wonders of animal migration and briefly examined the implications of these facts for the theory of evolution. This part continues with an examination of some marvels of animal navigation.

The Power of Tzedokoh

One mitzva leads to another. The following happened in the days of the Gaon of Vilna.

It was erev Pesach. The preparations for the seder were in high gear. The Gaon of Vilna would be spending the festival in a small town near Pinsk, but, oblivious to the activity around him, he was occupied in his study.

A Promise To Israel
by Rabbi Yisroel Spiegel

Throughout the generations Jews have sat like kings at the head of the Seder table, surrounded by their family. After the children ask the Four Questions and the father answers "We were slaves to Pharaoh in Egypt," the father heartily expresses his happiness by proclaiming, "Blessed is He who abides by His promise to Yisroel" -- HaKodosh Boruch Hu fulfilled what He had promised to Avrohom Ovinu.

Where to Light Shabbos Candles in Hotels

To The Editor:

The purpose of this note is to bring to your attention a serious halachic problem which might occur when going away to a hotel for Shabbos or Yom Tov, the problem being where to light candles.

About Cooperation with Conservative, Reform -- and So-called Orthodox
Rabbi Nochum Eisenstein

The huge demonstration in Israel and America against the Conservative and Reform certainly left an impact on all Orthodox Jews. The united call from all of our Torah giants to protest against any recognition of their heretic groups impressed on all of us the great danger inherent in these groups.

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