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Seder by R' Elchonon Wasserman
English rendition: Sheindel Weinbach

We previously found young Yitzchok'l (today the noted Rosh Kollel of Etz Yosef, R' Yitzchok Eliyohu Bernstein shlita) in a quandary. His hard-earned money had been confiscated by his brothers and he did not have the fare to return home for Pesach. He buries his woes in intensive study and his diligence is noted by the Rosh Yeshiva, R' Elchonon Wasserman Hy'd, who invites him to his seder.

If Spring Is In The Air, Then How Come Bleach Is The Only Scent I Notice?
by Linda Dayan

She hangs there with bits of confetti dripping from her horse hair. Even my dear broom looks as if she has a hangover from yesterday's Purim excitement.

I Pretend
By Rifca Goldberg

Pretending, imagining or projecting oneself, is a very Jewish attribute which should be cultivated. "A person is required to `see himself' as going out of Egypt. A person should not judge others until he can project himself in their place, and so on...

Book Review:
"Harry's Choice"
by Moshe Hoffman, Published by Feldheim

When you're ready to sit back and relax on Pesach, this can be the entire family's light reading choice...

"Harry's Choice" is a story that will be particularly appreciated by our sons. It contains the things that the males of our species enjoy: adventure, intrigue, danger, but - of course - a happy outcome.

The Majestic Mezuza Display

by Devora Piha

An impressive and comprehensive private collection of mezuza batim (cases) can be seen inside the entrance of the Jerusalem Great Synagogue next to Heichal Shlomo on Rechov King George. This is the work of forty years of collecting by Jacob and Bella Rosenbaum of Monsey.

by Rivka Tal

On Seder night we are commanded to eat matza and maror. Eating of the bitter herbs is one of the main features of the Seder and immediately follows the eating of the matza. The mitzva was for the initial yetzias Mitzrayim as well as for us throughout the generations. Chazal discuss what exactly this maror was.

by Chaim Salenger

I am lifting a silver cup of wine, overflowing,
Remembering these words written
By a Spokesman of our nation,
That I could never begin
To repay my Creator
For each moment of kindness I forever do receive:
A sunlit morning sky, gentle rain, green leaves,
The blood that's pounding through
Each mile of vein,
My children's laughter and
Their sweet perfume...
So this is my song to You.
I am standing on G-d-given earth,
Feeling my heart beat,
Seeing, hearing,
Admiring a flower built with
Grace and engineering.
For the Hand that is hidden from sight,
Is constantly open wide
We encounter the Fingerprints,
The lessons they provide,
You take an apple red,
The painted skin,
That holds the nectar,
And the fruit within.
You can eat the wrapper
You can plant the seed:
All is the kindness of G-d,
Who provides so much more
Than I need...
I am only flesh and bone, mind and soul,
With this illusion that It's I who's in control,
But I know and understand,
I don't deserve the constant flow,
All from the guiding Hand.
I am lifting a silver cup of wine, overflowing,
Remembering these words,
In exhiliration,
Written by the Singer of our nation,
For with what could I ever begin,
To repay my Creator, from within,
For each moment of kindness,
I forever do receive.
Each reprieve.
I see the sun go down
And rise again,
Each day, another chance to try again,
I have no offerings, no gift,
But this very cup of gratitude I lift.
This is my own song
To You.


by Chana Kasemacher, Tzefas

Self worth - worth, value,
Value - get more for your dollar at the value store!
And be sure to count your change.
What change? Self-change.
Change and worth are partners,
If you know you've got worth,
Then you know you can change.
If you think you don't have any worth,
Then any value-laden change will bring worth.
Without change, your worth stays the same.
We search wallets, the bottom of purses,
Coat pockets, for loose change,
Any stray nickels or dimes
We might find.
Even these little bits of extra change increase our worth.
Make your own accounting; seek out
All that small change
Rattling around in the bottom `drawer'.
Add it to your self worth.
Today I got dressed/ today I ate healthy.
Today I prayed with kavona.
Today I smiled at a stranger.
Today I listened to a child.
Today I gave someone a blessing...

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