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9 Shevat 5765 - January 19, 2005 | Mordecai Plaut, director Published Weekly









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Life Will Prevail Over Death

Even the Americans have learned something from their experience in Iraq. "This is a negative insurgency," Brig. Gen. Erwin Lessel, deputy director of operations for the multinational forces, told a reporter for the New York Times. "Unlike a classical insurgency, these groups don't offer anything."

This is true of the Palestinians as well. All they advocate is Jihad and shihad — that Arabs of all ages should be willing to martyr themselves as long as they murder a few Jews at the same time. The only program that they follow is to murder and maim.

People in the West who have been brought up to believe in progress and the spread of civilization, tend to believe that "deep down" everyone thinks like them. They have been taught that every national movement is driven by politics or by economic interests. The Western press repeats incessantly that the Palestinians are fighting because they want a state of their own. They ignore the facts of recent history which are that the fighting broke out right after they were offered a state by Israeli Prime Minister Barak.

Proof that their prime motive has become destruction of Jews and has nothing to do with self-interest in any reasonable sense is the fact that they are largely unconcerned about murdering fellow Palestinians — including themselves — as long as they can also murder a few Jews.

Last week two suicide bombers attacked the Karni Crossing. This is a vital crossover point through which pass Palestinian produce on its way to Israeli markets and Israeli products on their way to Palestinian markets. The people and products that pass through it are vital to the daily life of virtually all residents of Gaza.

For security reasons that are evident to anyone — so that the guards can survey the surrounding area to ensure that suspicious folks do not get close — the Crossing was only open during daylight hours. In response to constant humanitarian pressure to ease life for the innocent Palestinians, Israel had recently consented to keep it open until 11 p.m., and was considering operating it 24 hours a day. All this to make it easier for Palestinian commerce, to ease the difficulties that the demands of security impose.

This easing was almost immediately exploited by the murderers to approach the gate that leads into the Israeli part under cover of darkness, to attach a huge bomb to it and blast their way through, and then to come through with guns blazing, murdering Israeli civilians until they were shot by the defenders.

It goes without saying that now the Karni Crossing will be closed entirely for some time.

Those responsible are not the Israeli authorities who do the actual closing, but the bloodthirsty terrorists who care nothing for human life and human suffering. If the Palestinians stop the terror, Israel will no doubt move very quickly to ease life for the Palestinians who are not involved in terror.

When Israelis are murdered, the Palestinians dance in the streets. Families return to their apartments in the line of fire from both Palestinian terrorists and Israeli defenders even after being hospitalized.

Some Palestinian spokesmen have claimed that they have an advantage since they are not afraid to die and the Jews are weak because we are too concerned about living.

"No nation can negotiate with terrorists," US President Bush said, "for there is no way to make peace with those whose only goal is death."

It is also hard and painful to make war with them. But we are sure that life will triumph over death, and especially we who have the true wellspring of life: Eitz chaim hi lamachazimim boh.

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