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A Sticky Situation
by Bayla Gimmel

Right now, in honor of Tu B'Shvat, there are many delicious dried fruits available in our stores. Among them are apricots.

Memoirs, Continued
By Rochel Leah Perlman

Synopsis: Mr. Perlman had come to visit his parents, who had settled in Jerusalem. He was very shaken up by the poverty he saw, especially among Sefardi immigrants in maabarot. He was determined to help them in some substantial way.

Excuses, Excuses
By R. Chadshai

How often do we hear the words, "It's not fair!"? How many notes do we write for our children when they are late, or didn't manage their homework or when they have misplaced their notebook?

Talk to the Parents

by Leah M.

I sit by the kitchen table with you, my beautiful nine-year- old son. Would other people call you beautiful, with your unruly copper payos and scarred chin (from falling out of a tree this past summer)? Well, a mother looks at her son with eyes that see beauty, creativity, a heart of gold and vast potential.

January 3, 2005
By Ruth Yahr

170,000. That is the latest count. For sure not the final one. That is only an estimation of the dead — not the injured. Kind of dwarfs the World Trade Center. Is it more, or less horrifying because the Hand of G-d was more direct?


Re: Reluctant Review of Miracle Next Door (Parshas Vayigash)

Dear Editor,

I fully appreciate that a book like The Miracle Next Door is no bowl of cherries to review. However, there were some issues in your review that both Yona and I felt had to be addressed.

Can Feel it in My Bones
By A. Ross

When an old aunt of mine used to say, "It's going to rain, tomorrow, I can feel it in my bones," we children were convulsed with laughter. We weren't even polite enough to hide the chuckles, so she elaborated in all seriousness that she suffered from rheumatism and was always in more pain when it rained. As this was England, and it rained more often than not, her explanation was received with some skepticism.

Are Reading Problems New?
By L. Raffles

A lot has been written about "kids on the fringe" and the various causes. Problems at home and failure at school are often cited. If the child has problems at home but he feels a success in school, it might make all the difference.


By S. W.

The world does not rotate on its axis, as is commonly thought. It spins on three feet, one of which is gemilus chassodim, be it the money gemachs or the dozens, if not hundreds, of other gemachs. Just turn to your local communal directory to see the innovative types of gemachim that exist, with new ones cropping up all the time to serve the general public.

Your Medical Questions Answered!
by Joseph B. Leibman, MD

I have been asked to speak about osteoporosis. I have discussed this in the past, but will add a few pointers. Yes, men can get osteoporosis, but not usually to the same degree as women. Remember that renal failure can also soften up the bones. Both diseases can make falls a problem, and in Israel having a broken hip may take several days to repair due to lack of operating room availability.

The Effect of Poor Sleep on Health
By Dr. Reuven Bruner, Ph.D.

Sleep is necessary to feel refreshed, but now we know that sleep actually impacts the way the body functions. Sleeping poorly can affect how often you get sick, your weight and, for children, how well they grow. Learn why sleep can mean more than just a good night's rest. POET'S CORNER
"And Miriam took the tambourine"

The Rivers and the Seas
By Nechama Emett

The rivers and seas applaud
When they see us dance
Loops and lines
In, out, around and around

The wind rushes through my hair
I feel the tight grip of my partner
My feet prance and leap
At the beat of the tambourine

The bulrushes rise between my feet
My skirt swirls about my ankles
The joy of this circle keeps me moving
Up, up, under, over

The ring is a woven thread of bodies
All hearts beating to the same tune
Legs intertwining
Arms tangled

The sea laughs
Fish swim to the rhythm
It flows again
Happy to share the moment.

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