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Checking Dried Fruit
In honor of Tu BeShvat: Excerpted and translated from Rav Vaye's sefer Bedikas Hamozon Cahalocho vol. 2

by Yated Ne'eman Staff

Dried Apricots

Dried apricots are sometimes infested and they require checking.


Dark, Israeli-grown raisins are frequently infested and must be checked. Light, Israeli-grown raisins are sometimes infested and should be checked. California raisins sold by weight in Israel are also sometimes infested and should be checked.


Fresh dates, with smooth, dark brown skin, which are marketed refrigerated or frozen, are free of infestation and do not require checking.

Dried dates that are cultivated in the ordinary way are sometimes infested and should be checked. Organically grown dates have a very high rate of infestation and must be checked.

Insects can penetrate the fruit, where they usually die, remaining stuck to the flesh. Their dark color, which is similar to that of the fruit, makes it difficult to see them. Caterpillars can cause small dark specks and sticky cobweb- like material inside the date, which cannot be seen unless the date is opened. Occasionally, scale insects can be found attached to the exterior.


In Eretz Yisroel, carob trees grow wild in forests and gardens, without suitable measures being taken to protect them from infestation. Their fruit is frequently infested and must be checked.

Types of Infestation

Carobs are infested by the larvae of the carob moth and dried fig moth. The larvae are reddish-brown in color. They penetrate the carob pods when they are young and gnaw their insides, leaving waste matter that is visible as small dark particles as well as sticky cobwebs. Their presence cannot be detected by examining the fruit's exterior. The moths can infest the fruit while it is on the tree, during protracted storage, or after it has been ground into carob powder.

Bug-Free Fruits

The following fruits do not have to be checked (assuming they have no holes, and no soft spots). This addresses only the presence of bugs, and not other kashrus questions that may arise.

1. Avocado

2. Coconut

3. Kiwi

4. Pear

5. Star-fruit

6. Fresh dates (sold frozen)

7. Pecan in shell

8. Candied esrog

9. Candied kumquats

10. Canned apricots

11. Canned peaches

12. Dried apples

13. Dried mango

14. Dried papaya

15. Fruit leather (in closed wrapper)


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