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Arise Yerushalayim, the Holy City

Yerushalayim should raise an outcry against the people who breached the walls of kashrus in the Holy City, the court of the King, the city of royalty.

Recently the kashrus functions of the Religious Council in the Holy City have been transferred to the authority party officials who do as they see fit, without any accepted rabbinical authority.

Issuing kashrus certificates, directives and guidelines and answers to halachic questions — have always been left exclusively to the authority of the rov posek shlita, and rulings have always been made on the basis of halochoh and hiddur. Now these officials, who are far from being able to give halachic rulings, have taken all this upon themselves.

Our hearts are filled with fear and trepidation over the grave incursion on the sanctity of the pure table, one of Am Yisroel's most cherished principles, which has always been placed under the exclusive control of gedolei Torah veyiroh who specialized in this great area of Torah and who stand up in the breach and build fences, thereby gaining merit and bringing merit to the masses by preventing outside figures from taking over, chas vesholom.

And now it is incumbent upon us to gird ourselves to remove this evil decree and to do everything in our power to return the matter to its former pedestal by placing kashrus matters back in the hands of daas Torah and the authority of the rov posek shlita in order to preserve matters at the standard the nation has kept faithfully to this day. For the sake of Tzion we will not be still and for the sake of kashrus in Yerushalayim we will not remain silent.

May Hashem bring a spirit of purity from the Heavens on all of the figures involved in this matter of great import, to understand its way and its place and to return the glory of kashrus to its original stature, and may Yisroel be saved through Hashem's eternal salvation.

Chaim Pinchos Sheinberg

Yochonon Sofer

Shmuel Auerbach

Yisroel Grossman

Efraim Fishel Rabinowitz

Avrohom Dov Auerbach

Zundel Kreuzer

Zalman Nechemiyoh Goldberg

Yehoshua Neuwirth

Avrohom Kopshitz

Simchoh Bunim Sofer

Moshe Aharon Rosenthal

Moshe Salant

Naftoli Nussbaum

Mordechai Shlomo Steinmetz

Sholom Eisenberg

The above applies to all areas of food preparation and serving that are under the supervision of the Jerusalem Rabbinate (Rabbonut Yerushalayim), both the mehadrin and the regular kashrus sections.


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